Kanji readings apparently randomly onyomi/kunyomi


All you have to do is open Tampermonkey’s dashboard (look for it somewhere near your URL bar), and you can toggle all of your userscripts on/off at will. All they do is change how your computer loads WaniKani pages, so if you disable them, WK goes back to its default behavior like nothing ever happened.


The only ways I’ve heard of people “messing up” their WK experience with userscripts are:

  1. For some reason reordering their lessons so that they level up repeatedly while skipping all vocab… I guess they see this as “faster,” but it ultimately leaves them effectively illiterate
  2. Abusing an “undo/redo” script to force correct answers too much, cheating themselves out of genuine learning


Since you seem new to userscripts, here’s this, just in case:
A Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

Basically, you install a script handler (I use Tampermonkey), and then you can add almost any script you want just by pressing the big “Install” button on the script’s webpage. But like I said earlier, scripts are super easy to deactivate (or even delete!) whenever you want to :slight_smile:

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