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I’m new and I have a question about the SRS: I read that you need to answer radicals correctly after a break of two days to guru them. I’ve started with wanikani two days ago and did the radical review as soon as it was possible to do so. Does this mean that I’m slowing down my progress? I’ve just realised that I kept the time son between reviews as short as possible.
And is there some kind of progress bar that shows how often I have to repeat them to get from apprentice to guru?

Thanks in advance!


Doing them as soon as they appear is the fastest way to do it. Don’t worry. It’s just that in normal levels (after the first two, which are artificially sped up), the last stage before guru is 2 days.

There’s currently no obvious indication of what stage of the SRS you are at, except the major categories.

You can use the ultimate timeline script to keep an eye on when your next reviews will appear. Note: it’s currently broken (as in, like in the last few hours) due to a change with the API or something, but it should be working soon I’d bet.


Thanks for the quick response! I thought I was doing it wrong because I’ve reviewed them quite a few times already :wink:
How does this script work? Do you have a link to a guide by any chance?

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How to install a userscript
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

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Thanks! (^∇^)

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Actually @rfindley has a great user script that shows the steps: Dashboard Progress Plus. Under the Radicals and Kanji on the main page, you can click to see more… This script will show individual mini-progress bars around each item’s dots. Pretty cool.

EDIT: I use Timeline and Dashboard Progress Plus. : D

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The Ultimate Timeline is working again, at least for me. The Dashboard Progress Plus is an awesome script to see!

Also, Wanikani Review SRS/Level Indicator script will show you an indicator of your progress in the SRS level when doing reviews, very handy to see on that page.

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Other users have asked for this thread to be pinned previously…
And recently I am thinking since it’s fallen from the top of the Requesting Help section (down to about the middle)… and more new-people-type questions are being asked as separate threads, I tend to agree.

Wondering if we can pin this please, @anon20839864 ?

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Pinned. It’s also a wiki now.


Thank you, Kristen!

To anyone interested in updating the wiki… let’s keep it as simple as we can. Let’s not make it too big or unwieldy. Perhaps with use of the Details feature!

I made a space at the bottom for a new FAQ. Thought of doing so after this thread, even though the answer is in the FAQ, obviously that guy didn’t see it.

I think new common answers can go under my link to the old Unofficial FAQ. I may just copy+paste some answers from there over here, too. (Not sure yet).
I wouldn’t be against having some Forum-specific (aka Discourse is weird) answers in the FAQ section either, but I’d prefer those at the bottom under a “forum” setting.

EDIT: I wonder if even though this is pinned in the WK Requesting Help section, why it seems like nobody sees it…?

I’m getting frustrated. I’ve recently started this, like days recently. I’m not that good at it but I’m resilient and I like a challenge. I know the “read” part quizzes is typing out the hiragana to create the sound like ‘i-chi’ and I know ‘enter’ and ‘ten’ but the damn thing tells me I’m wrong and it shows me how it is and it’s the same exact thing that I put down like ??? am I missing something or is something the matter with this?

You mentioned ten and enter, so I’m guessing you’re not paying close attention to the size of the ゆ.

じゆう =/= じゅう

にゆう =/= にゅう

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@anon20839864, now that we have a General WaniKani section, I was wondering if I could move this pinned topic to be pinned there rather than in the Requesting Help section. I think that a lot of people are missing it because they have to go into a category first (even though I put it here initially because it made the most sense).

What are your thoughts? Also, can Members actually even move pinned topics? (Can pinned topics be moved?)

Does anyone else who frequently gives out help have any thoughts on this? Anyone who is new think this would be more useful?

Thanks a bunch, all! ^^

If you think it should be moved then try moving it? You have the ability

I do, however, moving it somewhere as prominent as that I feel needs permission…??? Or at least some sort of consensus. If that makes sense.

Well, with no thoughts from Kristen about it… and no other objections, I’m going to move this now.
I guess Kristen can just move it back if it doesn’t belong there/isn’t helpful.

Here goes!

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