Installing Wanikani Open Framework


Why you’re reading this:

If you recently installed a userscript, and you suddenly find yourself reading this, it’s (probably) because the script requires the Wanikani Open Framework, an open-source, user-created project for making it easier to write scripts for Wanikani.

Below are the instructions for properly installing the framework.

(If you’re reading this thread for any other reason… well, hello :slightly_smiling_face:. Feel free to look around!)

Installing the Open Framework

1. Install a script manager (TamperMonkey, etc.)

First, you’ll need a script manager plugin for your browser, such as TamperMonkey or ViolentMonkey (GreaseMonkey is currently not supported). TamperMonkey is currently the most commonly used and widely supported by the Wanikani community and its various script writers. Note that whichever script manager you choose, it must support the ability to specify the order that scripts load on the web page. (TamperMonkey and ViolentMonkey both support this).

2. Install the Wanikani Open Framework

Go to the following link, and click the Install button.


3. Set the Open Framework to run before all other scripts

Open your script manager’s options. The following image shows how to do this for TamperMonkey:


In the script manager’s options, set the Wanikani Open Framework to run first. The image below demonstrates how to do this in TamperMonkey. First, make sure your scripts are sorted by # as shown (click on the # if it doesn’t show the little arrow next to it). This turns on the ‘Sort’ column on the right side. Click-and-drag the Open Framework’s ‘Sort’ icon until it’s at the top of the list. When you release the mouse button, the script should be # 1. [Note: The ‘#’ column must be sorted in ascending order, with #1 on top, otherwise the ‘Sort’ column will not appear. Click the # again if #1 is not on top.]. If you still have trouble for some reason, try this [alternative method].

4. Install any script that uses the Open Framework.

Now you are ready to install any script that supports the Wanikani Open Framework. For a list of useful scripts (some of which use the Open Framework), check out [The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps]. If you already installed a script, you can skip this step. However, as long as the script you installed shows up after the Wanikani Open Framework in the script-order window.


If you followed the above instructions and are still being redirected to this thread, please ask for help in this thread. It often helps to tell us which browser you’re using (including the version), and which script manager (e.g. TamperMonkey). Also, try posting a snapshot of any errors on your Javascript console. You can access your Javascript console by pressing F12 and clicking on the Console tab.

If you keep getting forwarded to this thread, and you really just want it to stop doing that, please disable your script manager until you can get some help fixing the issue.


If you have any trouble with these instructions, please ask for help in this thread. We have a friendly and helpful community here, so you’ll probably get some helpful replies quickly. Also, I’ll do what I can to improve the instructions as questions arise.

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Having trouble moving Wanikani Open Framework to the #1 slot?

If you have trouble setting the order of your scripts in TamperMonkey, there is an alternate way to move the Wanikani Open Framework to the #1 spot:


For any scripters using the Open Framework:
If you’d like to have your script redirect your users to this thread if the Open Framework isn’t installed (correctly), I’m currently recommending adding the following code to the top of your scripts:

If you don’t need a certain version of the Open Framework:

    // Initialization of the Wanikani Open Framework.
    var script_name = 'Your Script Name Here';
    if (!window.wkof) {
        if (confirm(script_name+' requires Wanikani Open Framework.\nDo you want to be forwarded to the installation instructions?'))
            window.location.href = '';

If you do need a certain version of the Open Framework:
(be sure to change the version after pasting!)

    // Initialization of the Wanikani Open Framework.
    var script_name = 'Your Script Name Here';
    var wkof_version_needed = '1.0.29';
    if (!window.wkof) {
        if (confirm(script_name+' requires Wanikani Open Framework.\nDo you want to be forwarded to the installation instructions?'))
            window.location.href = '';
    if (wkof.version.compare_to(wkof_version_needed) === 'older') {
        if (confirm(script_name+' requires Wanikani Open Framework version '+wkof_version_needed+'.\nDo you want to be forwarded to the update page?'))
            window.location.href = '';

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Something seems to be going wrong ever since I installed the script. Synonyms are unable to be added from the reviews window and there seems to be a limit to the amount of synonyms I can add outside of it. I don’t know if it’s another particular script that is doing this or if it is the open framework, but I seem to be having this problem.


What scripts do you have installed? And what script prompted you to install the framework?
Although I think it’s unlikely that the Framework is the cause, I certainly won’t rule it out.


Sorry, it took me a few minutes. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard


That’s a lot of scripts!! :slight_smile:
Could you first try disabling the scripts that rely upon the Open Framework, one at a time, and check if the problem goes away? And once all of them (that rely on the framework) are disabled, then disable the Framework itself and see if it goes away?

If you want to try this repeatedly without affecting your reviews, you can temporarily install this script:
[Wanikani Disable Review Submission]


Ha, yeah I did kind of get carried away after seeing how useful they could be.:sweat_smile:

How do I figure out which scripts use the Open Framework. I’m a little lost on that front.


You could disable the Open Framework first, then any scripts that use it should pop up a message box and then forward you to this thread if they detect that it’s not running… assuming all of the script writers followed my suggestion for forwarding people to this thread if their script fails to detect the framework.

[edit: I’ll be away from the keyboard until evening]


Thanks for the help! So, from the looks of it the problem had something to do with the WaniKani Fast Abridged Wrong/ Multiple Answer. I’ll try switching it on and off again and contact the makers if that doesn’t work. The Open Framework seems to be doing fine.


Yeah, Wanikani fast abridged is broken. Just checked and it’s the only script giving me the message that redirects to this thread. Which is really confusing because when I edit Wanikani fast abridged script, I can’t find the little line of code that redirects here!
Nvm, found it. Removing the code doesn’t fix it.


Broken? Details?


BTW, @DaisukeJigen, I just noticed the text in the alert box says “SRS Grid requires Wanikani Open Framework.”


That’s what I get for working on two things at once I guess. Stupid cut and paste mistakes.


It just doesn’t work after the framework update which I assume was recent. I installed your script just two days ago and it was working fine before.


Maybe a silly question, but did you install the framework?
(And according to instructions, since it has to run before other scripts?)


Jumping in here just to say that either Open Framework or WK Fast/Abridged is preventing me from adding synonyms during reviews. I click the “Add synonym” button and it vanishes, but no text field to type in appears.

I disabled both of these scripts (and nothing else), then was able to add synonyms again.


Yes, but I use a different script manager, violentmonkey. Though, I don’t think that should make a difference… I’m gonna try disabling other scripts and see if that fixes it.
EDIT: Nope. :pensive:
EDIT2: Tried running the scripts on tampermonkey and it didn’t work there either, so it’s not a script manager problem.


re: synonyms,
We discovered an incompatibility between Wanikani and jQuery UI. I released a workaround last night, so it should work after you update the Framework script.


Just upgraded to 1.0.12 but I’m out of reviews to test it on for now. I’m used to my script manager updating scripts automatically though, does it only check once a day or something? (I’m using Tampermonkey)