I am new and (somewhat) helpless

Hey Sheba,

Glad to see you’re still at it. Yeah, I agree, it sounds like some scripts would help you out. Ultimate Timeline would help you plan your time. And something like “Do you even kana” or override would help with typos. (“Do you even kana?” is for when there’s a verb or something - like 放れる, and instead of はなれる you type はなれり by mistake (it will shake if the attached kana doesn’t match).

Here is a GREAT guide on how to install and use scripts - YOU don’t have to do any API or programming, it’s not that scary. Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

Also, your idea to stop lessons for a while is a good one. I wouldn’t wait “until you burn things” as that’s likely at least another couple months away (approximately 4 months after you first saw the item - if you got it right every single time)… but wait and watch for your Apprentice amount to go down. Personally, I like my count between 60-80 items at that level, and 120-200 items at Guru. When I’m going at my full speed, I do only 20 lessons a day, 10 earlier on, and then 10 more later after doing the first set of reviews on the first batch of 10. (I am not at full speed right now. Just did my first lessons in like, almost 2 years.) There are lots of helpful strategies around, but you know your limits. I think if you do less lessons at once, so you can spend a bit more time on a smaller amount of reviews (= less time overall), you will see yourself improve. And with 20 lessons a day, you can still level up in 10-14 days, if time or money is a concern!

So, anyways, just glad to see you’re plugging along, and wanted to share some of my tips to hopefully encourage you and help you out. :purple_heart:

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