What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Oh, I meant maybe you needed some CSRF-token in the header to access /account/settings, but clearly you don’t. By “strange” I just mean that it was a bunch of text, script, and meta nodes rather than what I was expecting. I got the same response as you did.

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Ahh, got it.

Honestly, I never really thought about it. I probably just googled one day, “find element in ajax response”, saw how they did it, and just did it that way ever since. Ignorance is bliss :slight_smile:


Yeah, basically a double tap of the space bar instead of enter, although, like I said, I’d like it to also be compatible with or also work the way WaniKani Improve 2.2.2 works, which is, when you press enter just once, it submits your answer and immediately moves on to the next question, although there is a box you can click to read information about the previous one as well. It’d be nice if it could function like WaniKani Improve 2.2.2 because, otherwise, you’d have to press the space bar 4 times to move on, which would be pretty annoying.

It’s nice to hear that you’ve already made something similar, but even with the keycode information, unless someone can tell me how to edit the script in a pretty detailed fashion (I really don’t know anything about scripting! (>///<) ) I’m not going to be able to use it. There’s also the fact that only a double tap for the space bar would work, considering some English answers have spaces in them, and I’d really not know how to do that.

Thank you for showing some interest though! (^ _ ^)

Almost forgot to actually fix the script after rfindley so kindly helped. Here it is, tell me if it’s not working as you want it to. The button is located to the right of the search bar.


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(& @rfindley) I can’t believe how much work you guys just put into this! I’ve installed it and it works perfectly. This is a great surprise for me this evening :blush:

Thanks so much, you’ve made my life a little bit easier, and just shows how amazing this community is.


Well you’re in luck! There IS a guide that explains this in pretty detailed fashion: Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

(info on how to edit a script included)

I wish there was a script similar to Ultimate Timeline but has a way to show you when you should do your reviews to keep your future reviews low. Right now because i do my reviews at similar times, they end up on similar SRS timings resulting in large groups of reviews at similar times.
I think the simplest way would be to show you, if you did your reviews now, what the consequences would be in the future. Like if i do 5 now then 4 days from now a group of reviews would pass a custom threshold of 30 and would show that to me: 26 -> 31 reviews.


That is an interesting idea

I’m trying to find a way to put certain words on an auto answer list to speed up reviews by eliminating words I already knew before starting wanikani. For example something that would see that it wants the kunyomi of 犬 and just put in いぬ and hit enter kind of thing? Either an autodetect or just I have to put in the answer the first time to associate it and then it will just repeat that after that. I know nothing about programming but I was trying to see if there was a script I could modify or some such, but I think what I want is pretty over my level.


Maybe this already exists somewhere and I’ve missed it, but I would love a script that would do something like highlight the kanji in the example sentences which I’ve already unlocked, and maybe make the kanji in the example sentences direct links to the WaniKani entry for them. I often find that I’ve forgotten a particular kanji and think it’s just something I haven’t learned yet, or forget it and have to go through multiple steps to search for the page for it.

I like that too. I’d even just like a checkbox option on timeline that included hypothetical reviews down the road. That is, when I do a lesson, just optimistically put in all 8 of the reviews for that item, assuming I’m going to a) do the reviews on time, and b) pass them. Maybe in a greyed-out color or something.

Updating that for when I don’t do a) and b) might be hard, though.

And being able to scroll backwards in time to see what actually happened would be another neat feature, especially when you get to the end.

A script that shows up like the “days on level” but with how many kanji or vocab you have left to learn total? or a percentage you have learned? Or something that says WaniKani 15% complete. Those things I’d be interested in.

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Is there an extension that opens Item Info automatically after entering the answer? Regardless if the answer is right or wrong.

After level 5 almost any new word has at least one synonym. And after entering my version of the answer I want to be reminded of other versions. So clicking on Item Info with a mouse gets old pretty fast.

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[Double Check] has options for doing that. And you can disable all of its other features if you don’t want to use them.

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Something unobtrusive that shows if a verb is transitive or intransitive in the info

That’s already built into WaniKani.

I was thinking on the reviews results screen, it’d be nice if the hovering tooltip or something said which SRS tier it was in now. I have the one that shows it during the reviews, but it’d be nice to have a summary too.

Just a question, if i can make one of these requests should i just do it? Or is there a team here that handles that

I want an extension that makes reviews automatically.