Reviews in apprentice?

So I have had the same ones stuck in apprentice for a while now. I wanted to check, are all the ones in apprentice the ones that are in my critical section? I want to review them offline (specifically I can do this at work on paper but not on my phone). So I want to know I have the right vocabulary I can review more often. Some of them were older ones I had got to master and then forgot the correct reading (I used the opposite one) but most of them are just new words I haven’t used in my Japanese studies yet.

Hey @Sara0718 !

If you scroll down your dashboard page, you can see your critical items, these are the ones you will be getting wrong the most.

Additionally, there are multiple levels when completing a review for a specific item. It may be handy to see what your leeches are - these are the items that just don’t stick for whatever reason.

There are 4 levels of apprentice, which means if you get both the reading and the meaning (or just the meaning for radicals) right 5 times in a row when it’s presented to you, you will be able to go to the first Guru level, and the frequency it appears in your review pile will be less.

In terms of reviewing outside of WaniKani, if you go to your Critical Items, you will be able to see a list of the items you have gotten wrong often, this inbuilt critical items list is a good starting point, but for a more comprehensive list, you can consider installing a userscript that shows you your top leeches. Before using scripts though, you may need to start here to make sure they work properly.

Hopefully that helps!


Thank you that’s awesome. Most of them are 70% right but I have one at 43 and a few at 60. I really want to try and work through my problems before piling on level 6 kanji. I did do the radicals, but I knew a lot of those already so it was fine to add them.

I think the best thing to do is not sweat about getting it wrong, trust in the magic of doing your reviews every day. But if that’s not feeling like enough, I think noting down what it was that you got wrong, and looking at the meaning page will help solidify that base. Sometimes it might be handy to type in your own experiences or stories that come to you when you look at the kanji, make your own whacky mnemonics and write it down!

The more you see it and take a breath to really think about the story behind the kanji, the more naturally it will come to you later!

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A good script to check the items that gives you trouble in reviews (called leeches) is Item Inspector. This script will display your leeches in a table similar to the Dashboard Leech Tables script @kloxy has pointed to but with many more features. (Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector)

Some of the extra features are:

  • You can single out the leeches that are in Apprentice with a temporary filter.
  • You can display the SRS level of leeches in a popup. You can check your items SRS by moving the mouse over it to reveal the popup.
  • The meaning and reading of items can be shown in a popup. You can study by reciting the meanings and readings of items and check your answers by moving the mouse over the item to reveal the popup.
  • You can play the audio of vocabulary items by clicking on them.
  • And many many more.
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Ooh I’ve bookmarked this script for later! :smiley:

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