[UserScript] Remove vocabulary from review queue

ATTENTION: USE THIS SCRIPT RESPONSIBLY as it can easily lead to you being overwhelmed with both reviews and lessons over time.

The purpose of this script is to just do away with vocabulary items on you current review queue. Press the new ‘消’ button on the button shelf and your queue will be left with only kanji and radicals, if there are any, otherwise the button will be disabled. You can refresh the browser to have all the items back.


  • The queue is not reordered, randomness is kept among the remaining items.
  • It does not group reading and meaning together.

I have been using this script for some time because reordering scripts were a bit too much overkill for only such a simple functionality, so I figured it might also be what someone else is looking for and decided to share it. For more flexibility, there are already other great scripts that allow for a finer customization of the review queue.

As usual, get a userscript manager of your preference:
General UserScript installation guide

Then download the userscript from this link:
WaniKani Erase Vocabulary Reviews

It has been tested on Firefox 88 (64-bit) using Tampermonkey.

Once again, one should be careful to use this script with responsibility, lest one will be joining the Script Abusers Anonymous in no time.


Why am I being used as an example of Script Abusers? Capture


This is actually pretty neat when you want to prioritize levelling up, but I agree that it can be a abused if not kept in control :sweat_smile:


This script does not work with Greasemonkey because it seems to be dependent on JQuery, which isn’t included by default with Greasemonkey

Edit - Tampermonkey, too

I imagine you just forgot to include that in your instructions

JQuery is included in Wanikani. The Item Inspector script uses JQuery and works fine if this can improve your diagnosis…

Most likely, then, the Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script is not attaching itself to the browser DOM properly for whatever reason

What browser are you on?

I this just for Jquery? Do you have other non Jquery using scripts that work?

Standard Firefox, latest release. I don’t use Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey outside of trying to get this to work.

The error is just the usual “missing JQuery” one: that $ is undefined.

It’s not important, so don’t worry about it. The real answer for my situation is that I just have to get all the vocabulary things done before I finish leveling up as they want me to do anyway. It just sucks having 100+ things to write down in my notebook before I can start the clock on the actual stuff that helps me get to the next level.

Are you seeing the error in the browser console or on the Tamper- or Greasemonkey editor? Because the warnings in the editor can be ignored without issue

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It was the browser console