[Userscript] WK Completed Lessons Count Replacement

Just joined, what’s going on?

This is meant as a very temporary replacement for the completed lessons count that was shown while working through lessons. I personally used this to pace myself, doing 30-35 lessons every hour when I leveled up, others used it for keeping the number of lessons they did that day fixed.

Under normal usage patterns, the script keeps track of the number of lessons you’ve completed and adds a small icon to the statistics like this:


This is shown both during the lessons quiz and the actual lessons page.

What’s this about “normal usage patterns”?

The script will sort of break if you

  • go back to the lessons page after completing a few items
  • refresh the page (this resets it to 0, could be useful for some)
  • probably a bunch of other things

I feel ok letting this go, because WK itself doesn’t handle these cases perfectly in my opinion (for example refreshing the page even has you redoing the lessons you’ve already completed, even though they did count).

Where do I get it?

→ Here ←
→ And here you can read about installing userscripts ←
→ And here’s a cute birb ←

What about support?

Simple stuff, probably, more complex stuff this is meant to be way too temporary for

If you too miss this feature, drop the WK team an email about it at hello@wanikani.com. The more people ask, the more likely it is that this will be prioritized.


I wonder which of my scrips provides this info at the moment? :sweat_smile:

During lessons

During the quiz

Because it’s not this excellent script you’ve provided. :thinking:

maybe the self-study quiz???

That’s built in, it’s the number of lessons you have remaining broken down into categories.

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Don’t mind me. It’s still early in the morning! :rofl:

Thanks for making this. ^>^

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Will try this now!!! :heart:


PS.: that’s a superb birb

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One of the bestest