Can vocab just reject readings put in the meaning field instead of counting them wrong?

Wow, the discussion in this thread is around 700% more heated than necessary.

I personally don’t remember ever having this problem - when I started with WaniKani, I didn’t know anything and did my reviews really slow and carful. By the time I managed to go faster, I was already trained to differentiate reading/meaning questions quickly.

However, I also don’t think that counting an answer that is a correct reading, when asked for a meaning, as wrong has any benefits for learning Kanji. Additionally, I was interested in learning how to write WaniKani userscripts, so here is my attempt at implementing the requested behavior (input reading when asked for meaning → shake + try again): The Meaning of 六 is roku¹

The script is mostly based on Close But No Cigar by @Ethan. It should work in lessons and reviews, but I only tested it with a few reviews.

General Script Installation Instructions

Known conflict:
If you’re also using WaniKani Mistake Delay, make sure that “The Meaning of 六 is roku” has a lower number in Tampermonkey (higher up in the list when sorted by number).
¹ I already know that tomorrow I will regret choosing such a silly name, but now, at 3:45 am, it seems like a good idea

EDIT: Wait - did I misinterpret the excessive flagging in this thread? Was it all part of “The Competition”? :stuck_out_tongue: