[Userscript] Review Forecast 24H Format

Hi there,

I’m not really used to and don’t really like the 12H format so here is a very little script that will switch them to a 24H format.

The script itself isn’t really nice or optimized, but the job is done. :smiley:

It seems that they are using react, which load the dom whenever he want so I just added an onload function that will wait for the whole page to be loaded and then execute this script, which mean you will see the 12H format until the page is fully loaded.

I don’t really know react too but it should be possible to use the custom “time” tag and attributes they use.(Hopefully they will add the option to switch to 24H format in Wanikani)

Link of the script : Wanikani Review Forecast 24H Format

HELP! How to install/edit user scripts guide:



I second this. It’s so trivial that many people don’t notice, but so much better if you do.


Thanks! It looks much better now!


Wow I literally just made a comment about this, I didn’t think someone would make a script for it, let alone so quick!




Thank you so much! As a non-english native my first review at 12am really bugged me because it’s so complicated to differentiate midnight and noon in the 12h format >__< And I really don’t want to deal with this on a daily basis by using wanikani, so thank you very much for this Userscript!

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Did it break? It hasn’t been working for me since yesterday :frowning: I love this script so much.


You could use this script which was created less than 24h later: [Userscript] WK Review Forecast Clock Style

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Hey, I just updated the script, it should work now ! :slight_smile:

Problem is that the review forecast is added to the page asynchronously.
→ I added a check each 300 miliseconds, for a duration of max 6 seconds.

So if it load under 6 seconds, you bueno, otherwise tell me and I will increase it.
(Or as pointed, as I am not very active in WK right now, you can try another script :D)


Thank you! I will use it as a back up.

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Yes! It’s working now! Thank you SO much for your quick response. This script is a few years old, so I wasn’t expecting much. :grin: