[Userscript][KaniWani]: Disable Enter on Wrong Answer

KaniWani: Disable Enter on Wrong Answer

[ General Script Installation instructions ] :point_left: You’ll need a script host plugin like TamperMonkey
[ Download / Install “Disable Enter on Wrong Answer” (GreasyFork)]
[ Download / Install “Disable Enter on Wrong Answer” (OpenUserJS)]

  • 2022-06-22 Update: added 1 second cooldown (after 1 second, the enter key can be hit again to proceed to the next vocab, even if the last answer was wrong)

I’ve written a very simple script for KaniWani which disables proceeding with the Enter key if you get an item wrong during a Reviews Session (so you have to use the mouse). This made my life a little easier, as I type rather fast and I am used to just rapidly hit the Enter key twice after inputting my answer. I don’t like to turn on the option to automatically proceed to the next item after some time if my answer was correct, as I usually want to continue instantly, and in some cases I want to see some vocabulary details, even if my input was correct. However, with this habit I often accidently proceeded to the next item when I got something wrong due to a typo or a synonym mix-up, so I didn’t get a chance to correct my mistake or try another synonym.

This script prevents this mishap. I don’t have a clue about user scripts and browser compatibility, but it works on my PC and on my laptop so I hope it works fine on most systems. This script probably isn’t of much use to most people, but it solved a specific problem for me, and I thought, since I’ve already written it, I might as well share it, who knows who might have the same issue.

(I hope it’s ok to talk about a KaniWani script here, otherwise I’ll move / delete the post. I just figured people on here might be interested in it, as KaniWani is kind of a companion site to WaniKani.)


I think you want to update these

Oops, yup, indeed, thank you!

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Oh, so is this like the double check script but for KaniWani? :o

Not quite! It’s much more basic than that. KaniWani has a lot of the functionality of the Double Check script already built in, so if you get something wrong, you have the option to “Ignore” the result out of the box. However, you confirm your input with the enter key, and you also proceed to the next vocab with the enter key. Usually I have a good success rate and just want to go through the reviews quickly, so I tend to just double-tap the enter key after I’ve input my answer (except for cases where I want to check the Kanji used or other details). However, because of this habit, every so often I make a typo, consequently get the answer wrong and then already proceed to the next vocab, which lowers the SRS rank of the last vocab, even though I know it perfectly well and just made a typo.

So this script just disables proceeding to the next vocab with enter if your last answer was wrong, which fixes this particular annoyance I have with KaniWani.

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It’s like mistake delay (a feature in Double Check)