[Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]

Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2

[ General Script Installation instructions ] :point_left: You’ll need a script host plugin like TamperMonkey
[ Open Framework Installation ]
[ Download / Install “Reorder Ultimate” ]

This is (currently) the latest version of Reorder Ultimate 2.

This version is modified to work with Wanikani’s APIv2.
This new thread is intended to help people find the working version of the script.

Full credit to @xMunch for the original script [old thread]


Click on the image below to zoom in:


Drag to reorder:
The left-most items will appear earlier in your review stack

Right click to remove:
Right clicking the elements will remove the related items from the queue. If you’re doing reviews a new review will be started when you finish everything that was not removed.

Sorting priorities
Each option individually is pretty self-explanatory, but when both level and type sorting are active it will break the review into levels then sort the levels by type. Example 7[radical, kanji, vocabulary], 8[radical, kanji, vocabulary], etc…

When you move on to your next review question it will only select an item in the group with priority.
(If you’re doing level 15 kanji it will only select a random level 15 kanji for your next question, until there is no more of that group).
Elements will be hidden when there is no more of that item left.

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The top-post is a wiki now, so if anyone wants to update or improve the instructions, go for it!
I mostly pasted the content from the old thread.


Thank you thank you tank yooouuuu
I needed that so very much


Wow that was fast!
Thanks for being understanding with the noobs :smiley:
It’s pretty complicated to get up to speed on everything there is to know/understand about WK but you guys are a great help!
And this script is invaluable!
Maybe @jprspereira you could update the link in your ultimate guide, which is where I found the link to this script :wink:


Done, thanks for thinking about the Guide :heart:


Does this help script help avoid seeing a question twice in a row? (as in you get the question wrong and then you see it again immediately after). Or would that be a different script?

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No, it actually ends up slightly increasing the probability of getting an item twice in a row.

Its purpose is to give you items in an order that you select, sorted by type (radical, kanji, vocab) and/or level, and optionally grouping reading and meaning together.


I just added this script to The New and Improved List of API and Third Party Apps under Reviews & Lessons after Reorder Ultimate by xMunch. Feel free to update this wiki list.

@rfindley Thanks for creating this thread! I had to use a separate pinned note on my Google Keep to save this reorder ultimate 2 link :sob:


Okay, thanks!


Neither the script author nor I are maintaining this script, but if you (or anyone) are willing to fix it, I can either post an update to GreasyFork, or you can re-host on your own GF account and update the link in the wiki.

Doesn’t really need to be fixed, I just thought it would be fun to show people here too, heh


I’ve also noticed that sometimes you can’t drag an item to the left-most position.

I… er… this thread is not a wiki. Only the first post is.

But thanks for updating Reorder!

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This is the best script, thank you!

hey i had a break from wanikani and have now an immenese amount of reviews. is it possible that this broke the script, i cannot order by level and i also cannot see the levels of the vocab.

there is no error displayed in the console, but i could be wrong as i recently switched to firefox

I think this is the only working version of the script, and has been for quite a while. This thread is only new because people kept trying to install old versions.

If sorting isn’t working, have you tilted the scales on the left and right to specify the sort priority? See the instructions image in the top-post.

Are you using Greasemonkey? It doesn’t work anymore

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Also, Open Framework is required, and must be configured to run first. See the instructions in the top-post.

I am using tampermonkey, and everything else works. I have used the same installation before and it worked. Also you script works. Just levels are completely non existent. Where ever you would see information regarding levels it’s just missing

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