[OBSOLETE] Wanikani Override ("ignore answer button")

I made this thread to assure people they can still use this script! There is some confusion among users about it because the original thread says [no longer supported] but has since been reposted and maintained on Greasyfork.org

(very old picture from original script creators thread)

Note: my version of the script uses the ESC key as a shortcut because it’s more universally accessible as opposed to the original ~ (which is not handy on azerty keyboards for example). Other shortcuts are possible if ya ask about it.

Note2: if you rather have ~ as a shortcut, feel free to go here: Wanikani Override. I did not post it, so I can’t fix any issues if they would arise (not probable though)

Post any question or problems here from now on!


  • Click the red button in the lower right corner to ignore your answer
  • Use the shortcut ESC (escape key)


  • Make sure you have the Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (other browsers) add-on installed, so you can enjoy userscripts.
  • Go to Wanikani Override
  • Click the green button

HELP! How to install/edit user scripts guide:


Is it possible to ignore a Right answer, making it Retype?


if you don’t have any scripts installed with a lightning-mode-like functionality (so it automatically submits right answers), then I think that should be possible.

EDIT: no sorry i misread. It will ignore it (giving you a second chance), so technically you would have to mistype it the next time it comes up in your review

Sorry, it’s me who mistyped it.

Thanks for adding this much appreciated!! Should I use Tampermonkey for Safari then? I’m a newbie here and a bit of techno peasant too, can I just install as easily as it seems for greasyfork if you know that?? Sorry I get a bit nervous messing around with scripts and adding terminal commands etc… I seem to create way more headaches for myself and end up with a mess!! I’m just horrible at typing and need something for overriding my typos… and ADD probably deosn’t help either…lol.
Thanks for posting this!!

apparently, it can’t ignore a correct answer because the original creator probably thought that wasn’t something people would want.

Do you want this because sometimes WK accepts wrong answers that are in the typo-correction range or something?

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terminal commands? These are not scripts like the ones you execute from a CLI. You usually just install them with the click of a button.

So you should install Tampermonkey for safari (possibly from here ) .
Greasyfork is just a website that hosts all the scripts. Usually a thread on here links to the script page on greasyfork, but some scripts over there don’t have topics on WK.

If you need help with installing the user script itself, I made a visual guide for it (which was already linked in your previous thread I think) but can also be found here at the bottom of the OP. The visual guide doesn’t have Safari included because at the time it was made either practically nobody used Tampermonkey on safari or it wasn’t available for Safari yet. But I’ve heard people say it works, so by all means try it out. Just follow the steps for Chrome then. They should be the same.

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Cheers, thanks for that, I’ll give it a shot later. I’ll let you know how I make out if that alright? Don’t be suprised if I don’t get it right…lol.

I disabled No Cigar to allow typo-correction for the sake of speed, but sometimes I just want to turn Right → Wrong.

I did it through WK Double Check anyways.

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I actually didn’t want to use this.But now I just feel that I have to, after failing a few vocabularies.
I hope I can control myself and not use it unless I really have a good reason.

The reason is the beginner vocabularies meanings.
上げる - To raise or To raise something
I chose to add “something” since it was that transitive version of the verb.
So then the next vocab:
入れる - To insert
And I enter “To insert something”, again since it also is a transitive version of the verb. And get an error.
Argh!! I just don’t want to be held back by such silly details. But maybe vocab doesn’t hold you back? Only Kanji and Radicals?

Anyway, let’s hope I will have good self control (I should have, since there’s no reason to cheat!)

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Vocabulary terms won’t affect your leveling progress, but building a large number of leeches will eventually drown you in reviews.

Rather than using “something” on transitive verbs I think it’s more common to use “be” on the intransitive verb:

上げる - to raise
上がる - to be raised

見る - to see
見える - to be seen

Ect… Perhaps someone more well versed with grammar can give a more appropriate suggestion.


It depends. You are right in some cases, but in others adding something or someone is better.
For example, 起きる and 起こす. Jisho lists both as “to wake up”, but the latter is transitive and means “to wake (someone) up”.


Add a synonym with “something” in it?


Thanks to this script, I can Burn items!

In 4 months, the English translation has already transformed into Japanese comprehension… Sometimes, my typing of English word changed, but I have quite sure I can remember the meaning.


I am not sure why but this script is not loading any longer. no more ignore button. I don’t think it loads at all.

Please be more specific when you say that. With the information you wrote, there’s no way I can help you.

Which browser do you use? Was it working before and did it just stop working recently? Have you recently installed a new user script that might have caused it to stop working? etc.

For me it works on both firefox and chrome.

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Make sure it’s still enabled in Greasemonkey / Tampermonkey. Check for errors reported on the Javascript console (press F12, click on Console tab)

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thanks. I reinstalled everything and thankfully it is back in working order!

Joining the request of adding the option of ignoring correct answers - sometimes WK accepts answers as “close enough” but I know I meant something completely different than the intended answer, and I find the no cigar script too frustrating.

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Is this one still working?
I installed it due to Double Check going down after an update last night, but I don’t see it… Maybe both went down D=