[Userscript] Read every day challenge updater

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

Because life is too short to be searching for the same two posts every day


Editing a post should be redoable, still, use this script at your own risk.


This challenge is a companion script to the Read Every Day Challenge threads. It’s meant to automate the daily progress updates that you have to do if you follow along.
The scripts automatically increments your completed day counter in the second post and if you’ve linked one there, it will update the checkmark in your homepost. Alongside these, it will copy-paste a template into your reply box so you don’t need to copy it yourself.


The script assumes the following:

  • you have a number included next to your name in the progress table that represents the number of days included
  • (Optional) you have your homepost linked somewhere in the same row, either behind your name or anywhere on that line
    • If you do, the homepost should have the default calendar template as your calendar


Templates can use variables, so they can automatically fill in for example the day number you’re on.

Example template
Day $$dayNum$$ / [Calendar]($$homePost$$)

Variables are always words wrapped in 4 dollarsigns.

Accepted variables
  • $$dayNum$$ * - the current day of the challenge, based on your personal calendar
  • $$homePost$$ * - a link to your homepost
  • $$month$$ - the full (English) name of the current month
  • $$shortMonth$$ - the short (3 letter) (English) name of the current month
  • $$dayOfMonth$$ - the day of the month we’re on

Variables marked with a * only work if you have a homepost set


By default you have a template set (mine, shameless, I know), but you should set your own. To do this, open the reply panel and write your template. After you’re done, just press the “save template” button in the top right.

To complete the day, just press the “Add Day” button located next to the reply button at the bottom.


Visual Guide on Installing Userscripts
Link to the userscript


Is your personal workflow not supported? Reply with the details of it and I might add it if I have the time on my hand. Did you find a bug? Also leave a reply about it and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.


Hey, I’m just trying to set my template, and I would have a few questions, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

How can I tell the script which post is my homepost? I doubt that it will find that out on it’s own lol

I don’t have such a button, appearently :thinking:

This one is missing as well.

I tried updating the script so it recognises the winter 2024 thread. Can’t test it, so please check if it works

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I can see the buttons now, thanks!

Although I have to add that the “save template” button overlaps with the button for the furigana lol


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I assume the furigana button is also from a script

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Yes, from the IME2Furigana

I can look at it later and see if i can make it compatible with it, but no promises

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Ok, thanks for your effort! :smile:

Ok, sorry for the stupid question, but would this be a template that works? :sweat_smile:

[Home Post]($$homePost$$) **//  $$month$$ $$dayOfMonth$$, 2024**

Also, does $$homePost$$ automatically know what my homepost is? :eyes:

That should work in theory.

The scripts scrapes your homethread link from the second post with that progress table. If you have the link to your homethread there (which you do, I checked), then it detects that

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Ah, good to know, thanks!

I think I was a bit confused because in the preview, it displays exactly as how I write it.

As in, with the variables? Cuz yeah, it shouldn’t do that, those should be replaced with the proper values

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I would have one last question, though (sorry :sweat_smile:)

How can I insert the template into one of my posts, given that I saved it?

Yeah, with the variables. Thanks a lot!

The add day button should open the reply box and fill it in

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Hm, no, nothing happens if I do that…

I’ll look at it later tonight

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Ok, thanks for your patience!

The script seems to be working for me. Could you open the javascript console (F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I), press the Add Day button, and screenshot, what errors appear in there?

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Sure, here you go :slight_smile: