[UserScript] WK Review Audio Switch

Intended solution to this thread.


Adds an autoplay toggle to the top left button cluster on the lesson, review and extra study session page. This way you can turn off audio autoplay during sessions without having to reload the browser or mute the tab/site.


Visual Guide on How to Install a Userscript
Link to the userscript


@Orock45 putting it here for organization purposes

With v0.2 if you right click the button instead of left clicking, the change will be temporary and it will be reset when you close and open your reviews again. If a setting is temporary, the button will be red to show it. Right clicking or left clicking both should get you out of the temporary state.

So for your usecase you would want the autoplay to be turned on by default and then right click it when you need to turn it off.

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I’ve added

autoplay = true;
window.audioAutoplay = autoplay;

at the beginning at the code. That way i can let the script run on everytime.
Your script is working like a charm!

You shouldn’t need to if you just right click, but your setup, not mine

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