Can you still install override script?

And does it work? I’m only finding no longer supported…hmm. Any kind souls like to walk me through it, caution: I’m old but I’m new on wanikani…

Check this out.

@alexbeldan me if you have any questions.

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You can still install the override script. The reason it says “No Longer Supported” on the script page is that the user who created it is no longer updating it.

The Override Script is located here

A guide on how to install userscripts is located here

If you still need help after reading the guide, just let us know, and we’ll help you out.


Thanks so much for your reply, much apprecaited… I’m using Safari though…:frowning:

It says that tampermonkey works on safari… Might as well try it out.


I’d recommend downloading Google Chrome. Simply type “download google chrome” into your search bar and the official google site should be one of the first results.

@alexbeldan you keep beating me by 1m haha

also your advice was better


Reply appreciated muchly!! big oops on my part I’m using a Mac and not sure I want to delve into firefox, or chrome again…I’ll bear with it for now…:slight_smile:

Finally I’m the ninja.

ok…kool… I’ll play around with it then, now next dumb question, just joined not paid member yet, have to use gravatar to change my avatar as well?

On the forums you can change it manually in your profile.

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Yes, it works for Safari on Mac, with TamperMonkey.

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Thanks again, didn’t see it, now just messing around with things…still groping around in teh dark, thanks for your patience!

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Ok, cheers for that!:beer:

Glad it will work. Also, testing this @kumirei

<Will this work?>

Hooray it did!
Sorry, off topic. I’m a forum nerd.

Certainly did, looks like soemthing I would make a big mess of, so I’m going to leav it alone for now(adding override I mean).

yeah its not very necessary for the earlier levels. Really useful later on when you don’t want to be held back by typos or synonyms.

Also, welcome to Wanikani, hope you enjoy the program and the forums!

Thanks!! Yeah, probably look at it later, Been going too fast, and my typing is awful, so been effing up too much on stuff I still know…oh well.