New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]


Hey Everyone!

First of all, welcome to WaniKani. We’re a quirky community of fellow language learners.
On the old forum, there used to be a thread, Post Noob Questions Here.

Basically, I’m reviving that idea, since both threads are archived and cannot be replied to.

Now that the forums are searchable, your question has probably already been answered.
Like “How do I make the little つ?” Answer: Double the consonant before it. Like in nikki にっき 「日記」. There are other methods as well.

Please make sure you read the FAQ and GUIDE. Many early questions are answered there. You can also search either of the links I’ve posted above - the old threads - I think some questions have been answered multiple times in there.

Still don’t see what you’re looking for? (Or too confused to search well or can’t even find the search?) Then post here! :slight_smile:

Helpful Links

Here’s Koichi’s handy IME tutorial.
My explanation of On’yomi vs. Kun’yomi (and how it pertains to WaniKani reviews)
BreadstickNinja explains why you need to know On and Kun readings for Vocabulary.

Want to improve your WaniKani experience with userscripts?
How to install a userscript
WaniKani Ultimate Timeline and Dashboard Progress Plus by rfindley to plan your time.

I cannot recommend this thread enough: Riya’s “What Do I Do Now?” Thread. Contains many links of free and free-trial resources.

You can only see these threads if you are level 10 or under:
Advice to Pleasants a thread made for new people, by new people, when they were still relatively new.
Hello to the Pleasants a thread of welcome!

New Unofficial FAQ

(Old Unofficial FAQ - a few answers are outdated.)

Q: Where is the “community chat” that I’m supposed to say hello in? The checklist said…
A: Right here. The entire forum is considered the “community chat” - there is no actual chat room. You can introduce yourself here in the Introductions thread if you like, or make a post anywhere you’re interested.

How to proceed to the second session?
I'm new but not quite understand about the whole thing :/
How write in hiragana
New here so how does it work?
Hi? I'm confused
Common WK Mistakes
How to start
Kanji Quiz is marking my correct answers as wrong
WaniKani Grade Levels and Radicals?
Hi i'm new here and confused could someone help
Community Checklist! - Ideas For a New Newbie Checklist/Guide
Kanji Reading Issue
Kanji Reading Issue
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New here and can't figure out where things are
Welcome to the new WaniKani forums
Where to find explanations

This is now a wiki


<joke>Why radicals are called radicals when they are not radicals? Why don’t call them “kanji parts” or “kanji-pets”?</joke>


I don’t know how to do the wiki thing, but I’ll add some more common resources (or links to lists of other resources) in the first post if there are a lot of them posted. I’m not really going to watch this topic closely, I was just setting it up.

@chepe263 Oh you! XD


(1) You need a higher trust level to make a wiki post, but I figure admins could make this into one if they wanted to.
(2) Yeah, that’s what I thought, which is why making it a community managed wiki post would be pretty good


I would be cool with all of that. But then, could only “high trust” users edit the wiki?
Or maybe WK has Wiki disabled (just as the private messages are intentionally disabled?)


You need trust level 2 to edit a wiki page, and they aren’t disabled, there is one in the Pleasant category in Campfire. I also think Alex (Justin Crabigator) got trust level 2 to edit that post. You’ll be getting a higher trust level by just being active on the forum, I’m pretty sure. Eventually regular users will be able to edit wikis.


Oh, I’m not allowed to see Pleasant, since I’m such a Pain.


So I am not a new user but…

Can somebody please provide me with a link that explains what exactly has happened to the forum in the past 2 weeks, how I can do things in the forum and generally help me… please


The forum migrated yesterday, we’re all new to Discourse


I reached level 4 two days ago, and my new radicals still haven’t unlocked. Is this normal? I’m kinda only stuck on some level 4 kanjis unlocked because they were related to level 3 radicals and some vocab.


You definitely should have unlocked the lvl 4 vocab already


Go to the radicals tab on your dashboard then choose level 4 to see your unlocked level 4 radicals. If they aren’t there either something is terribly wrong or you just haven’t done the lessons yet.


All of my lvl 4 radicals are locked. Only some kanji and vocab are unlocked in that level. Also, I have no lessons at the moment (and never had any related to lvl 4 radicals). halp


You’re not in vacation mode, either? I can’t think of anything that could lead to you not getting your radicals… Did you go to this page?


Yeah, I’m not in vacation mode. This is what the page looks like for me


Edit: nevermind I saw wrong

Yeah, no idea. Either send an email to, get one of the admins in here, or get someone with more experience with WK in here, because I’m clueless.


Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks anyway lol


This is a known bug, I’ve heard other people say before!
Email and let them know. It’s been cropping up more and more on the forums lately.


Just wondering if it got resolved for you?