Can there please be an option to cap the number of reviews?

I always think, that if you really know the material well it won’t be a large amount of work to get through it. Sure, it’ll be a bit slow in the beginning but it’s a good, unbiased test to see if you actually know what you think you do :woman_shrugging:

I’ve personally started and stopped studying Japanese for around 10 years and I always come back to WK to start. I’m definitely still a beginner because I haven’t really retained anything over the years. But I never get annoyed when I know a kanji or vocab, because it’s so easy to just… do it and move on.


When it’s time to burn items, they take a tremendous amount of time and effort, regardless if you know them or not. What happens is that you’re loaded with 200 reviews every 2-3 days. I took N4 the first time and passed last year, therefore I’d like to start from level 10 or something. I like their method, I just don’t like their “absolute” view. Honestly, it seems like they intentionally disable features to keep you paying more money in the long run. My main point is that more options are always better for the consumer and we pay for this service.


I feel like I’m leaning more towards @jerseytom’s point of view. I think that leeches are inevitable and have a few dozen isn’t a big deal, but once you have more than a hundred there’s definitely something more fundamental going on.

I can see @seanblue’s point that dwelling on them is allocating time better spent elsewhere, but I really do think that an excessive number is something that, when addressed, will provide more long term gains.


If it feels like a chore doing WK reviews , maybe it’s time to consume authentic japanese content and look up kanji as you go, would be my suggestion.

I have not reached lv 20 myself but I really enjoy doing reviews and do them every 2-3 hours while I am awake. I do about 1 review every 2 seconds while keeping it over 90%.


Just cheat. Send the leeches on up to get them out of the way for a while. You know who they are. Burn 'em all to the ground and resurrect them later. MUCH more efficient than resetting or dropping down a few levels.

I see a lot of weird moralizing about this on the boards, even here-- like it’s a “fundamental” problem that you have so many leeches, or you’re doing something wrong. Like it matters what your % of correct answers is when this SRS is about as smart as the menu system on a customer service call. If you take a nap, you wake up to 200+ new reviews. This system is designed to bury you.

Who cares? It’s not school, there’s no grade, WK is just a tool that helps you learn stuff or it doesn’t. (It’s a tool I also think is unusable without scripts like reorder and doublecheck.) If you’re blocked, set it aside until you can learn it. Burnout is real, your brain needs the variety of a living language to engage, not SRS monotony. At level 34 I would suggest more real-world reading instead of SRSing, especially nonfiction. Usually they have simpler grammatical structures and rich vocab that will reinforce what you’ve already learned here. (I like the 村上朝日堂 books, lots of short funny newspaper essays about this and that by everyone’s favorite author.)

Good luck, whatever you do. WK is great except when it’s not. It has a lot of really glaring flaws in its learning design.


There is this third party user script you can install that might help:

Lesson Lock by @Kumirei: Displays 0 lessons when you have too much on your plate already. Completely customisable to lock lessons when you have anything between 1 apprentice1 items or a million enlightened items.

This next link goes to directions on how to install userscripts in general:


I don’t really agree here. I studied Japanese for 4 years and have been passively exposed to it for another 10 years and WaniKani was still very appealing to me when I first started. Sure, the first 10-20 levels were a bit slow because of existing knowledge, but I was still able to pick up a good amount of new stuff along the way. What helped was that right before starting WaniKani, I had read a few of their articles about how to learn kanji, and the way they explained “+1 learning” made a lot of sense to me. So I realized that while the early stuff I went through was easy, I was convinced that it was still worth going through to build a foundation for harder content.

When I first picked up WaniKani, I thought it was something I’d do casually with low time commitment and let the system work its magic. @CakePie mentioned that if it’s something you already know well, it’s hardly any effort to go through it. Having an easy start, if anything, was a good way to get used to the system and slowly ease into committing more and more time. Obviously WaniKani shouldn’t be the only thing you’re studying, so while the content is still easy and not time-consuming, focus on other areas and begin shifting your study time to WaniKani as the material gets harder and harder. For me, what went from barely 15 minutes/week, climbed its way to ~15 hours/week towards level 60.


I didn’t expect all of these repsones so sorry in advance if I didn’t get to you

I understand that if you don’t see them then they will be unlearned forever. I probably figured it would prioritize a bit differently, getting the bottom like 60% and distributing the other’s at different times. The other idea I liked was the leech trainer script but obviously since that wasn’t part of WaniKani itself, it would just be MORE time for just kanji.

I just generally do them. I reread the nmeonic and radicals assigned if I missed them. I also suspended doing more lessons (I’ve probably been at the same level or 2 for a year) and comparing any similar kanji I’m confusing but there isn’t that much of them.

I’m pretty sure (at least from what I’ve seen in other topics) is that it will grow even more beyond the 200-300 if they are left to add to an ever increasing pile that I would never be able to get out of at that point. I would prefer to get shown a certain percentage of what I missed the most and spread the others out even if it would be a while before I see that leech again.

It’s not so much a chore as it’s just something I’ve accepted doing. I probably intend to review every day for basically the rest of my life since I doubt I’ll remember many burned items. I’m trying to start getting into taking in books and media but that would be easier if I could be spared a bit of effort from doing Kanji review especially when I do BunPro. I just think at this stage it’s not as important to learn much more Kanji in comparison to my general ability of Japanese. However I don’t want all of the work to go to waste I’ve done by forgetting everything if I do a long vacation. It’s kind of a catch 22.

It’d be a bit hard to let go given how long it’s taken for me to get this far. I saw on one site that showed your wanikani statictics via API that I had over 750k reviewed. I think I’m at the crossroads where I coudl reset or reset at 60 and go through any burned items again and do that cycle for as long as this website exists.

I agree it might be a more underlining issue but it’s my issue in general. I do the nmenoics and find similar looking kanji. However there doesn’t seem to be a turtle mode for my situation where I know enough Kanji to not have much of an issue reading light stuff and my focus needs to be set on grammar and the like.

I meant more because you will end up reviewing items much later than the SRS designates. If you’re supposed to review an item after 2 days and you get to it 4 days late, you’d triple the interval.

If you don’t want to do all your reviews every day, maybe you should try [Userscript] WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews (reorder script). This script will automatically reorder your reviews to give you the most overdue items first (with intentional limits built in, so make sure to look closely at how the settings influence the script). It may or may not be a good fit for your situation.


You could use vacation mode after every review session, but that would mean all review timings are frozen as is… but they wouldn’t keep piling up either.

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I saw that script and been looking it over. Appreciate the suggestion and whoever suggested it before.[quote=“seanblue, post:25, topic:43725, full:true”]

I meant more because you will end up reviewing items much later than the SRS designates. If you’re supposed to review an item after 2 days and you get to it 4 days late, you’d triple the interval.

If you don’t want to do all your reviews every day, maybe you should try [Userscript] WaniKani Prioritize Overdue Reviews (reorder script). This script will automatically reorder your reviews to give you the most overdue items first (with intentional limits built in, so make sure to look closely at how the settings influence the script). It may or may not be a good fit for your situation.

That is a good point. That may be something I’ll end up doing more if need be. Though it seems like this is something that would come up for others and a proper solution would be like how I mentioned before, a turtle mode that could be toggled.

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Stop focusing on leveling up. Stay the same level for the next month or two and just do reviews.


He just said he’s been on this level for the past year.


I don’t really see how you could see the same items every day for a year and have 200-300 apprentice. 80% should likely be burned at that point, so something isn’t adding up


One technique I’ve been experimenting with to deal with leeches is that whenever I confuse a word with another word in reviews, I look up the word I got it mixed up with using WK’s search to see what the difference is. Hopefully that helps the distinction set it.


This is the most solid advice I have ever heard from a username that can be typed using only the middle row of my keyboard.


the point is, you will be experienced and will not make same mistakes. you will go faster this time.


Way ahead of you

I’m not sure what else I could explain. I don’t THINK I’ve seen the same items for months at a time. The last leech I’ve seen were for mood, machine, and suspicion since they look similar but that was a bit ago.

Maybe. I’m still on the fence on it since the later kanji I probably wouldn’t be able to see and retain in media as much as the ones that I already have been through. I’ll do that as a last resort behind the reorder script and maybe combining toggling vacation mode and a leech trainer.

I understand it’s more of a problem with me personally but it would make my WaniKani experience better if there was a situation for my specific circumstance. (Of course never let it affect everyone else, just a toggle)


Really appreciate all of the quality advice I’ve received.

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195 days is enough time to burn everything you have unlocked up through your current level.

This likely isn’t want you want to hear, but it seems like you just need to drop your level down to get rid of the items you don’t know. If you have 300 items in apprentice, then you’re trying to learn 300 items at the same time. As long as you manage/limit your lessons you’ll be in a good spot.

I’ve reset my level twice after taking long breaks and it helped out quite a bit to get me back on track.

Sorry they don’t have the feature you’re looking for, but I believe your issue is solvable.


Looking at your stats, it looks quite different to mine and to others I’ve seen. For me, I. Worse at the readings, and better on radicals and kanji, worse on vocab. For you, your recall seems worse on meanings, and you seem to do better with vocab than the others.

Is English your first language? If not, might it be helpful to add synonyms in your first language? Even if you are a native English speaker, it’s often worth looking at synonyms where you automatically type an equally correct meaning that WK doesn’t list.

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