A 'looking for the kun'yomi' option would do wonders

I’m new to WaniKani and am super liking how I’m able to recognise more and more kanji with each passing day. One thing that slightly irks me is when I get a little absent-minded when the SRS is asking for kun’yomi for the character and I accidentally type the on’yomi for a character. It’s really useful when WaniKani tells me it’s looking for the on’yomi of a character when I accidentally type in the kun’yomi, so if there was a feature for vice versa that’d be super helpful to speeding up my kanji learning :smiley:

If you are talking about in the Vocabulary items verses the Kanji items… there is a reason why it doesn’t do this.

Mainly, Vocabulary items are Japanese words so there is usually only one way to read them. Unlike the kanji, which are utilized in many words and often have many readings (both on’ and kun’). If however you’re asking for that on the kanji items (like body parts for instance) that we learn kun’yomi for instead of on’yomi, then I agree, that would be quite nice.

There is a userscript for this.
WK Custom Review Question (KunOn+)

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Does it do that for vocabulary, though? Because it’d be pretty bad if it does. Generally the confusion when people ask this question is that they get the ‘shake’ and “looking for on’yomi” message during kanji, but not during vocabulary…and you shouldn’t get it during vocabulary. With kanji if you enter the on’yomi and it wants the kun’yomi it’ll do the shaky-bit, so it sounds like the OP might be having the issue with vocabulary words?


There’s no way to know until @wzbeena comes back and tells us…

No, only for Kanji. For Kanji, it will say Kunyomi or Onyomi. For vocab, it will just say vocabulary.

I like this user script. Most of the time, the kanji reading is the onyomi but there are exceptions. I still have to know onyomi and kunyomi readings. This script makes the review process go faster for me.

Yeah, reason I mentioned it is that I’m pretty sure it does shake and tell you it looks for the kun’yomi when it’s a kanji review, so I’m confused. Though I think there might be a kanji or two that had the kun but not the on reading when it does have at least one (not sure if I emailed them about it or not).

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A userscript sounds promising! I’ve never used one before, though, so how would I go about implementing one for Wanikani?

Like this:

I forgot to include the link.

It is from here The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

It does already do this?

Edit: I don’t know why I decided to test this on a potential burn item, because if it didn’t work I would have missed the burn lol.

Edit edit: It definitely does it the other way around too, because just the other day I typed ちゅう for 沖, since it is a common onyomi reading for kanji with 中 radical, but it asks for おき the kunyomi and warned me.


Yes, that’s what it does.

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The userscript being discussed changes the display to say on or kun before you answer, not after you do the opposite one. The question the OP asked was a based on a misunderstanding of kanji vs. vocab.

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I was curious how many times wanikani actually asks for different readings on kanji and here is what it appears to be:

1679/2027 = 82.8%

345/2027 = 17%

3/2027 = 0.14%


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