Unofficial FAQ

There is no space between good and katakana learning guide (goodkatakana learning guide). Also I don’t think you need to include the old stuff like there is no audio until level 15, and can just say there is audio for all levels.


They’re only shortened for the first two levels. Level 3 is full length.


So basically, I didn’t recall correctly. :sweat_smile: I edited my post.

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It’s okay, I didn’t recall that they were shorter at all until recently on a post about why items weren’t available for review yet lol!


Actually, I’m pretty sure only the radicals have shortened SRS intervals, but i’m working through them right now (on another account) so I’ll keep track and keep this post updated.


Also, may want to include something about Tampermonkey and scripts, as well as to that script that @rfindley made, WaniKani framework. The script that helps other scripts. As well as the other script that helps that one.

Actually, a section on scripts in general may be beneficial.

(Link as to installing scripts)


Good idea. I actually just linked the list of API and third party apps… do you think that’s good enough? Otherwise I’ll add in the ones you linked too…

I think a quick explanation on scripts in general would be really beneficial to easing in any new people. The links above are also good tools you could use/ need to get into using scripts.

Maybe I can turn this into a wiki so others can edit too

Edit: Maybe everyone can edit this post to include additional things that should be included?

Nothing to do with this thread feel free to disregard (^-^*)

Ahh you’re so close to 60! 頑張って、応援しているよ!



Thank you @rmizuno for this cakeday present!

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Unrelated to thread

It’s almost here. Come level 60, welcome me with your cake filled majesty.


Adding this to my hello’s to the padawans (if that’s ok?) :hearts:


Appreciate the mention @rmizuno ! I plan on preparing a superior version of that post when I arrive to lvl 60 :slight_smile: Hope that one gets as much accepted and supported as the current one :slight_smile:


Would it be appropriate to add a mention of Kaniwani? It’s been immensely helpful to me (and to others, I hear), and I would never have known about it if I hadn’t happened to see it mentioned somewhere on the forums here.

Also, a small typo in the third sentence: “If you taking the time” should be “If you are …” or “If you’re…”
And if we’re going to be nitpicking, the first sentence is missing a period.

Thanks for doing this for the community! :smiley:


Thank you everyone for your feedback! If you have anything else to fix or add, please let me know!

More of a meta-thing, but how is this thread going to be visible to newcomers?

We can link to it in the forums themselves, but it’d be nice if the thread were pinned so that users could see it without having to be told about it first.

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Pinned. :slight_smile:


Thanks, @CyrusS. Would it be possible to get it pinned to the Latest page too? I’m not sure how, but the Welcome to the WaniKani Community thread is always visible there.