User Scripts - How To?

Forgive my ignorance, programmers, web developers and all other techies alike… but I have no idea I how to use these things called [User Scripts]. I’d like to use some of them though - they sound awesome! I downloaded the Tampermonkey plugin for Chrome, and then went to Greasyfork to download the scripts… and that’s where I get stuck. Now that I’ve got them downloaded (and apparently enabled?), how do I see/use them on WaniKani?

there is a tampermonkey icon
it should display scripts currently active with a checkmark or whatever
but only on pages where the script rules apply, such as the review session page

you should be seeing the effects immediately. maybe try with a userscript that’s very obvious
if enabled, like ultimate timeline to see if it works in general?

I just downloaded the Ultimate Timeline script… but nothing is coming up on my dashboard…
Mmmmm, do I need to restart the browser or anything like that?

Do you have a tampermonkey icon on your browser top bar?


Wait! I got something! The tampermonkey icon was greyed out, and now it’s black… and now that that’s happened, the scripts are showing up!

Edit 2:
I didn’t have it enabled after all…

Somebody should make a guide for this with pretty pictures!
If that doesn’t already exist, I’ll do that now.

Just in case you decide to get more (I’m slowly collecting different ones on different computers just to try them out) - they don’t always auto-run. If they’re not seeming to go, click on the script in the icon and it will tell you if you need to enter something more (API key, date, shoe size, favorite breed of dog, etc) Only took me way too long to figure that out on a couple of them. 

I thought this was going to be an instructional thread on how to write userscripts properly in the first place so you don’t just keep putting out fires. :stuck_out_tongue: