Kenichi or Kyoko?

First of all: welcome to the WaniKani community! :slight_smile: I hope you’ll like it here. Looking forward to hearing from you more on this forum ^^

But back to the question: It might come as a bit of a shocker, but not all people in Japan speak the exact same way a news reporter might speak! So just use both, since you would encounter different ways people might speak anyway. Since you’re quite new, you probably haven’t really used any userscripts yet, but there’s one I could recommend for that purpose which randomly plays either Kenichi or Kyoko during reviews (meaning you don’t have to set one default voice): Wanikani: Random voice actor.

Userscripts can basically change some features of the website and enhance the WaniKani experience compared to the official version. Once you have set up your first userscript, it’s really easy to add other userscripts! So don’t be discouraged because it might sound like something too technical for you to understand. You can find a lot of userscripts by searching the forum and here’s a guide on how to get started: