Do you find the kana font too small to read? Try this

I use WaniKani on my desktop, and find the hiragana in the Reading section too small to read, especially when there is dakuten involved. This has come up before. Zooming the browser helps, but it’s not a great experience.

I put together a quick TamperMonkey script to bump the font size of the kana to something I can easily read. Here’s what the result looks like:

Install the script here.
If you’re new to userscripts and not sure how to install them, read this first.

Hope this helps!



Usually I have to zoom in a lot to see a difference if it is ば or ぱ.

Is there a way to install this like the other scripts? I dont know what to do with that code.

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If you have tampermonkey installed, press it’s small icon (i’m using firefox so for me it’s in the top right corner) and press “Add new script”.

It should lead you to this window, simply delete the template code, copy-paste the script in OP’s post in it’s place, and save using Ctrl+S.
Should work by then.


Nice little quality-of-life tweak. Thanks!

For a simple CSS tweak like this, though, I prefer something like stylus to javascript via tampermonkey.

Here’s what I added to stylus:

Note that I’ve taken the liberty of targeting it at any page within and adding a few more selectors so it works on other pages (review and kanji pages in particular). I also reduced the size of the font within the more paragraph-oriented mnemonic and hint sections.


Suggestion: People tend to look for userscripts in #wanikani:api-and-third-party-apps

You might consider moving it there & renaming the thread “[Userscript] Kana Font Enlarger”

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Well that’s a rabbit hole I wasn’t expecting to fall into :grin:

Thanks for the suggestion. IMO the audience for this isn’t necessarily people looking for userscripts. I wasn’t thinking in terms of userscripts to start with - I just wanted the kana to be larger, and was hoping to find e.g. a configuration setting in the app.

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I think you’ll find that number of people who can actually use your user script is going to be much higher in that other topic. :wink:

I don’t think anyone comes to this topic expecting to have to install Tampermonkey. lol


It’s how you’re thinking to end with… not everyone uses scripts at all!

Besides, don’t you want it in the main list of userscripts for people that might be looking for a script to do what you did?

I don’t think it is exactly obvious, but I find Romanization easier to differentiate Dakuten and small っ.

I cross-posted to the third-party apps forum here. I also enhanced it a bit and published to Greasy Fork.

Thanks all for the feedback!


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