[Userscript] WaniKani More Kanji Info (JLPT and Pinyin, Oh My!)

Have you ever wanted more info on your kanji? More? Moooooore?
Well fear not, WaniKani Kanji Info will give you all the info you need!

Specifically, this plugin adds the following information to each kanji’s page:

  • Japanese school grade
  • Frequency of occurrence (within newspapers)
  • JLPT level
  • Mandarin reading in pinyin

It will also display grade, frequency, and JLPT level on a Kanji’s lesson page, so you can decide when learning the kanji how useful/relevant it is.


Install here!

Any suggestions for other information you would like to see are welcome.


Minor update Fixes issue causing the Add Synonym button to not work. Felt pretty stupid when I realised it was my fault haha.

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This is really useful!
Can we have this information in the pane when you do reviews, and optionally near the Kanji when it’s displayed a review?


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Bit of a wild suggestion, but bear with me. I’m learning Mandarin in addition to Japanese, but WaniKani is a far superior tool than any of the Mandarin equivalents. So, if you were able to somehow make it so that WaniKani tests the Chinese reading in addition or the on’yomi or kun’yomi (depends on the kanji), that would be so helpful!


There seems to be a problem with the JLPT data though. Jisho, wkstats and Yomichan all list the kanji 説 (theory) as N3, while this script says it’s N4:

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Hello, I am trying to install the plugin. However I always get this error -->

Annotazione 2019-12-25 133708

Can you suggest any way to solve this?

@ArseNiko have a look at this

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Sorry, I’ve been inactive and haven’t touched this script in ages. By some sort of Christmas miracle it still appears to work haha.

@ArseNiko Try using another browser (Firefox or Chrome)? It sounds like it might be a compatibility issue.

@Chikuhitsu (sorry for the very late response) I forgot what website I pulled the JLPT data from. I don’t think JLPT publish official kanji listings? I should probably redo it using wkstats’ data.

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