[Userscript] WaniKani Timed Reviews

When doing my reviews, I like to use the pomodoro technique, which basically means I do my reviews in 25 minute sessions once or twice a day. I used to use a separate timer, and then press the wrap up button when the timer’s alarm sounded. So, I decided to make this script to automate the whole process for me.

This is my first script for WK (and actually my first post on the forum!), so any feedback if you end up using it would be great!

What it does

After a set number of minutes (the default is 25), the script automatically starts the wrap-up process. The number of minutes is configurable from the Timer Options menu in the bottom-right corner. The script will also preserve the timer across reloads of the tab, so it will keep the right time even if you are forced to reload (like due to a dropped internet connection).


Use the script from this link:

If you haven’t used a script before, take a look at Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript.


This looks really interesting! I can see myself needing it sometime (the script I never knew I needed!), so I will install when I get back to my laptop. Thanks!

Thank you for this! I really like the pomodoro technique myself, but I haven’t used it for reviews yet. I do find myself doing reviews for too long though, so this will be really helpful!

Hmm… It seems I can’t press backspace in the timer duration field in settings. On Chrome 71.0.3578.98 and Firefox mobile.

Thanks for the bug report. It turns out that WaniKani actually disables the backspace button when you’re not typing an answer. I guess it’s to prevent you from accidentally going back a page. I’ve updated the script to fix it so that backspace works in the timer duration box now.


This is absolutely awesome! I definitely need something like this