Are my leeches keeping my apprentice queue high?

If you are doing your reviews on a PC, I would definitely recommend spending the few minutes it takes to install Tampermonkey and download some userscripts. Here is a link to a short guide for installing WK userscripts.

Here is a link to the WaniKani Open Framework, which is needed by many other userscripts.

Here is a link to the Double-Check script that @Saida mentioned, which you can use if you answered with a synonym that is not stored in WaniKani.

And if you are confusing similar looking WaniKani items, maybe my ConfusionGuesser script is useful to you - after you give a wrong answer it shows you other WK items that you might have thought of, so that you can immediately compare them and concentrate on the visual differences.

I wish you the best in getting rid of your leeches! :crabigator: