[Userscript] Wanikani Dashboard Cumulatives

It’s been ages since I last did some web development. Probably in my early teens. Never did any real scripting. But thanks to Wanikani and Anki, that changed! I learned as much css and javascript as Japanese in the past weeks. Maybe that’s not a good thing…

Anyway: I like statistics. Moar statistics = moar better. And I want to feel good about myself. So I need larger numbers on my dashboard. Which brings me to:

Wanikani Dashboard Cumulatives

The script uses the API and adds up all the learned items. The apprentice bar shows all items learned from apprentice and up, the guru bar shows items learned from guru and up, etcetera. Details are provided in the pop-up so you can see how much vocabulary you know at a glance! It looks best with the Clean Dashboard script. Though, it also works without.

Other scripts used in these images: modified version of Ultimate Timeline and modified version of Clean Dashboard.

>> Install 

Thanks to mempo and rfindley for their awesome scripts. Those scripts helped me build this. Yay!


Ooo very cool. :smiley:

Nice idea!  I like it.
I also like your changes to Timeline :slight_smile: