[Userscript] Self-Study Hide Info

WaniKani Self-Study Hide Info

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

[ General Script Installation instructions ] :point_left: You’ll need a script host plugin like TamperMonkey
[ Open Framework Installation ]
[ Download / Install “Self-Study Hide Info” ]

This is a companion script for [Self-Study Quiz], though Self-Study Quiz isn’t required.

This script allows you to hide either the English or Japanese info on the Level, Radicals, Kanji, and Vocabulary pages for study purposes. As you move the mouse over an item, the hidden information is revealed.

Use the Shuffle button to prevent your brain from memorizing the items in a specific sequence.

Opening the Quiz

If the Self-Study Quiz script is installed, the Quiz button will appear (as shown above), allowing you to quickly open the Quiz with a specific set of items (e.g. “Level 11 Kanji”)

Selecting a subset of items

The script also offers options for including or excluding locked and/or burned items. This selection also applies to the pop-up quiz.


@Sezme,@ownhay, @Andilisy

Just wanted to let you know that I recreated the “Hide Info” portion of the Self-Study Quiz script (see above). It’s now a separate companion script for Self-Study Quiz. It can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Quiz script (if it’s installed).


Thank you very much!!

@rfindley thank you very much! This is super helpful!!! And I’ve also managed to reinstall everything so that now quiz is working again as it was before. Super happy and super grateful. Much love to you!

Thank you :clap:

I think I may have found a problem… Apparently the thing that signals typos is not working? Or am I doing something wrong? :thinking:

The little triangle/exclamation icon is what turns on typo-forgiveness. I should probably just move that into the Settings pop-up since it’s sort of a set-it-and-forget-it setting.

The “Warning Messages” checkboxes are just enabling on-screen notifications.
The “Override Lightning” checkboxes instruct lightning mode not to auto-advance when the corresponding messages occur.

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Got it! My bad :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time.

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Edit : Ah ha! I managed to fix it! Disregard~

Hi, I installed this script but the kanji are all showing the reading still.

I made sure that I first installed the self-study script.

Both scripts are appearing in Tampermonkey.

Any suggestions to make the ‘self study hide info’ work?

Many thanks!


Are you seeing the configuration bar?

Also, make sure it is turned ON, and you have one of the modes selected (like “Japanese to English”).


I didn’t set it to Japanese English! It works perfectly - @rfindley thank you!

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Hi, I have a feature request. I know you’re busy in general and with other projects though, but if enough people like the idea maybe it’d be worth considering. I was thinking it’d be nice if I could toggle the ability to change the colours of items on the level, radicals, kanji, and vocab pages to their matching SRS value to give me an idea of where I need to give the most focus with regard to my leeches when self-studying.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I use this script every day. Today I noticed a change in its behaviour.

Previously the info was hidden, and only appeared for each item with mouse over. Now the info for all items on the page appears briefly before disappearing. This happens each time I navigate to a new page (from the Levels tab).

This has the unfortunate effect of revealing all of the answers to me just before I do my self quiz.

Has something changed?

Nothing has changed in the script, but it is set up to run after everything in the document has finished loading, so if anything from WK is taking longer to load, the result would be what you’re seeing.

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OK, makes sense.
Thanks for your quick response.

Not working now. Any updates?

The only pages it’s not working on are the Level pages, because Wanikani just released a rewrite of those pages.

You can still use it on the Radicals, Kanji, and Vocabulary pages.

I may provide an update next week for the Level pages.

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Thanks for the tip. I hadn’t noticed that, because I always use it from the Level pages.