Does Wanikani listen to feedback

To be honest I think their replies are nothing but disgraceful when you contact them. I am already certified at JLPT N5, and have already found many synonyms that are extremely basic and should be included in the vocabulary. Instead I get marked wrong and it holds back progression for new lessons. The same with very simple typos where the keyboard button slips and you are clearly correct and if you get a screenshot proving you are correct they will not erase incorrect scores.

I see their inability to undo their mistakes as a major hindrance to progression and learning as it is forcing people who are advanced enough already to dwell on easy items rather than learn new harder ones.

That doesn’t sound like them at all. Assuming you mean they were rude or something.

You were informed of the ability to add user synonyms and scripts in your topic about synonyms.

Did you ask them to revert a typo? They have a small staff. It would be overwhelming for them if they took on the task of undoing typos for users.


I’m not sure if that’s what you mean, but you can add your own synonyms for radicals, kanji and vocab. Also, in my experience, they checker is very tolerant with regards to types. Sometimes much too tolerant. Maybe just take a moment after you’re done typing to make sure there’s no big mistake.

That being said, your tone is very aggressive, and I’m not surprised that your not getting a warm response. Try being nicer to people and they will be nicer to you :heart::heart::heart:


They had a topic from before where they asked about this stuff and we told them about user synonyms and whatnot. They said they found that info helpful. I guess it wasn’t helpful enough.

I haven’t taken any JLPT test, and not to diminish your accomplishment too much, but aren’t N5 and N4 rather negligible in the grand scheme of things? I have heard many times that N3 is generally the lowest acceptable, “You can speak some Japanese now,” level. You learn a lot of N4 kanji through the lower levels as well, and relearning basics is never a bad thing, and can only strengthen your foundations.

As for synonyms that should be included, I see you have been informed that you can add your own, so I don’t see the big issue. If you get something ‘wrong’ that you feel isn’t, just take a second, add the synonyms you think should be there and move on. Going back an SRS level isn’t the end of the world. Though trust me, I know what it feels like to have to wait an extra 8 hours to level up, lol, happened to me yesterday when I went to fast and typo’d.

Speaking of small typos, back when I was level 20 some years ago, I remember typing some things that were way off that were accepted as correct. I would much rather get something wrong and have to do it again than accidentally reinforce potentially wrong information in my head. The system is pretty lenient as long as the answer is over 4 letters.

Hopefully you can grow to like the system as it is, you stand to learn a lot here, and while the beginning seems disheartening (I reset 20 levels backwards and am retreading old comfortable ground myself) patience and understanding will help you so much throughout your journey here. Userscripts aren’t hard to use, though I would stay away from any scripts that touch lessons or reviews in any way unless you have tons of self control, they are too easy to abuse, and like some have said in this thread, the staff built the system this way to optimize learning.


I saw in the thread that @Leebo linked that he means spelling errors in the reading. I don’t think there is any lenience there and I don’t want there to be any. And expecting the staff to reset your vocab for you manually is kind of silly. The override script was mentioned in the other thread, but no link was provided.

So, @Sutho81, here’s the override script: [Userscript] Wanikani Override ("ignore answer button")
It allows you to ignore your answer and try again. (I think, I haven’t used it myself)

And here are instructions on how to install it: Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript

I hope that makes your WaniKani experience more to your liking.


In the dozens of emails I’ve received from the WaniKani staff I’ve never once had a negative interaction.

If they were rude (which I still doubt), perhaps you should look at your emails and see if you instigated the situation unintentionally. If they simply disagreed with your suggestions, that’s not disgraceful at all. It’s their right as the creator of the product to build it however they like. If you’re not okay with that, you can make due or not use the product.


At level 4 they’d even still give you a refund in all likelihood.

Just to clarify about “disgraceful” I am not suggesting they are rude, it is just there is no leeway for mistakes on their part or the systems part, namely an incorrect result due to entering a correct translation for a word that they failed to recognise until I have to go through and manually enter the synonyms or find that they have added them as synonyms after. Their outright refusal to reset the scores based in clear mistakes on their part is what I consider totally disgraceful and I feel it was my right to say that considering it is a paid subscription. The system only allows typos based in English translations not Japanese input. Example Seattle City which is in the course when I typed it in I typed シアトル市n and made a type like that by hitting another key before hitting enter and was scored wrong. That has happened on a few occasions on the iPhone app as well. It was a simple request to have the incorrect answers removed but they outright refused. They suggested a “undo” button but claimed it would be abused so they are not interested.

Now the system is not perfect and they claim to want to emphasise in learning and not cheating. My thoughts on that are that it is not helping by having simple words delay the entire course by a day or more and prevent access to harder words all because of a simple typo. It should be in the system to allow users to undo incorrect answers even if they have to go over them again and again just to prove they know them. By dwelling on the simple things that people know off by heart it is taking the attention off the harder things which are important.

Yes I am N5 certified, the test I think is hard in some ways but easy in others. Less than 50% of people that take the N5 test actually pass it. I believe I am good vocab and grammar wise for N3 however I need to learn more kanji in order to attain that. It is my intention to move up the JLPT ladder from N5 to N4 this July and N3 in December this year. Even in their tests you are allowed an eraser to erase an incorrect answer if you fill in the wrong multiple choice answer and you notice it. Unfortunately wanikani does not have the undo function which is the frustrating part.

Their system does give you a reminder if you attempt an on and kun reading mistake, I feel that the system should be at least adjusted to make you check your answer twice before hitting submit.

If I really wanted to cheat then I would just have multiple browser windows open, their system cannot combat that, yet they are more interested in penalising the people who make innocent mistakes opposed to combat cheating. If people want to cheat then they will cheat and they will use the above scripts and have other web browser windows open. All this outright refusal to correct their mistakes or have an undo button for typos is only penalising the serious people and the honest people. The cheaters are probably getting through with multiple windows open and with dictionaries beside them.

Each time you learn a word, get ready to see a list of 20 iterations of all possible English translations.


I do not know what override script or double check script is and do not know how to use such things. The script above I am not sure even how to use that. I am good with computers but not that good.

As I said wanikani in their wisdom cannot stop people cheating by opening multi browser windows or using scripts to change things, but they can penalise innocent people who did not make mistakes and were subject to system failures their by halting the progress of being fed new lessons.

Use Allicrab or Tsurukame app

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You should really install one or two scripts… It would improve your experience of Wanikani and help you, which is the main point here.

Have your read this thread? It helps a lot.

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From all the scripts the only one I would advise not to use is the double check one.

You make a mistake ? No big deal it’s fine nobody cares about your accuracy. Making a mistake means you will see the word one more time… so you give yourself more chance to remember it correctly. What was a mistake becomes a bonus :smiley:

Even if you are super unlucky and the mistakes you made gets you to level up two days later than expected… Enjoys those two days of freedom :smiley:

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That’s not a comparable example. WaniKani has an “eraser” if you make a mistake and notice it too; it’s called the backspace key. But you’re submitting your answer, which is different.

The comparable example is you make a mistake on the JLPT because you were rushing and didn’t check your answer. Then you hand in the test, and when you get the results you call the test administrators because you meant to fill in a different bubble. Guess what, they’re not going to ignore your mistakes either.


Errors on vocabulary items do not delay new material. Theoretically, you could get every vocabulary item wrong always, and still reach level 60 in a little under a year.


They have built a system which maximizes learning potential.

I can’t speak for you, but I have to make mistakes and suffer some sort of consequence to learn effectively. That horrific red background, then down arrow helps me associate my wrong answer with wrongness. Next time that radical/kanji/vocab comes around I remember the feeling of getting it wrong, and that motivates me to sit and try to recall the correct answer. It is difficult, and doesn’t always feel rewarding, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I hope they never give mulligans. It would do more harm than good.


Isn’t this kinda like asking for an easy mode on Sekiro…

I’m all okay for accessibility though!

“but they can penalise innocent people who did not make mistakes” … you know, that sounds pretty dramatic. You make a typo = a mistake, own up to it. In a test, a typo would be a mistake nevertheless, whether done intentionally or not. It doesn’t matter, a mistake is a mistake.

I have the script to ignore errors on my PC installed and sometimes I use it. But still, if I make a typo, I made it, a mistake. If I make a typo on my iphone where I do not have the script installed, then, yes, I made the mistake, I owe it, I see the item again in a few hours . No big deal.

Kind of pushing the fault of your mistake on someone else, that bugs me. And that how your complain sounds to me.

As for progress, like already said, not every typo will throw you back. The only time you really need to be careful and concentrate and not make mistake, is when you learn your radicals at the beginning of your new level, and then after you guru’d your radicals, the rest of the kanjis to guru. Because, that what determines your progress. All the - for leveling not essential - other Kanjis* and vocabs do not really matter for progressing through the system with good speed.

  • Well, the Kanji do matter, but you can guru them throughout the level and if you make a mistake with them, they will not delay new levels.

I’d bet that the vast majority of people would hate such a feature. If you want to check your answer twice before hitting submit, then it’s on you. Something that forces you to go, Are you sure you want to submit and Are you really sure you want to submit throughout hundreds of reviews would just make people rage quit.

In general, WaniKani is a long-term commitment - about a year at the very least. Typos aren’t going to make a massive difference in the longrun. So slow down, add synonyms, check your submissions, and remember that WK is a very small team where people are doing their best on a daily basis to make this a great site for kanji learning. Even if you don’t always agree with their decisions.