[Userscript] Exact Review Time

WaniKani Exact Review Time

On your dashboard, instead of the “Next Review” section displaying ~4 hours, ~1 hour, etc. this script will show the exact time of your next review.

When your next review is half an hour away or sooner, the script will begin counting down minutes. The exact time will be displayed after the “Next Review” text, so if your next review is 29 minutes away at 8:00 pm, your dashboard will display “29 minutes” and “Next Review @ 8:00 pm.”


  1. Install TamperMonkey or applicable script host by following these instructions.
  2. Visit https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/371975-wanikani-exact-review-time.
  3. Click the installation button.

Optional Installations
If you would like to configure this script to your needs (e.g. toggling between 12- and 24-hour format), please install WaniKani Open Framework.






  1. But @Chrysus, what if I’m non-Murican and I don’t like 12-hour time formats?
    Either move to America or get enough people to pester me into adding 12-/24-hour settings.
  2. How many people is enough?
  3. What if I want it count down from sixty minutes rather than thirty minutes?
    That would be really cool, huh? Someone should add that feature.
  4. Why does it say “Available now” instead of “Available Now” when my reviews are available?
    Because that’s the way I like it.
  5. Did you know you can just hover over the existing countdown to see the exact time?
    That’s the myth I’ve heard. Doesn’t work for me.
  6. Can there be a really loud noise when it’s time for my next review?
    Sure. When it’s time for your next review, smash your computer with a baseball bat.

Oh WOW! I’m actually first in to officially begin the pestering to get you to add 24-hour settings…please!

Thanks for this, the times on my dashboard have been dodgy for a while, telling me “< 1 minute” when they are already available and such, so this nicely gets rid of that annoying quirk.


Mine has always done that “< 1 minute” thing. (to be fair, it’s technically correct :slight_smile:)

Okay, I added it. You’ll need WK Open Framework, per the newly-edited post.

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:smiley: Cheers for that (got the WK OF already thanks).

An issue has been resolved where the review time would always display as “Available now” due to the system maintenance alert being present.

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