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[ General Script Installation instructions ] :point_left: You’ll need a script host plugin like TamperMonkey
[ Open Framework Installation ]
[ Open Framework Additional Filters Installation ]

Download the script here:



Wanikani Item Inspector displays information about Wanikani items in tabular form. Four tables are supplied by default. More tables may be configured by the user.

One of the preconfigured table is a leech table similar to @Dani2 Leech Tables script, but improved and better. Dani2 does not seem to be around anymore and his script does not appear to be actively maintained. Item Inspector should be used as a replacement.


The leech table is designed to support studying. You may go over the items one by one and recite the meanings and readings. Then you move the mouse over the item to reveal the actual meaning and reading in a tooltip. If you have business with the mnemonics and/or the synonyms you click on the item and the item page is displayed.


The title bar features widgets. If there are more items than there is room to display them you may navigate over your items using the forward and backward buttons. A dropdown lets you select the table to display.

Four tables are supplied by default

  • Leeches: The leech table just discussed.
  • Failed Last Review: Items that have failed their last review in the past 24 hours. Like Leeches this table is suitable for studying.
  • Current Level SRS: Contains SRS information for items of your current level. The tooltip contains the scheduled review time. Useful to track when radicals and kanji will go to Guru.
  • Previous Level SRS: Like the previous table but for items of the previous level. Useful to track when the last remaining kanjis not yet gurued of the previous level will go to Guru and unlock vocabulary.


The settings features a widget for managing your tables. You may add, delete, reorder or rename your tables. You may also select a table to edit its specific settings.


The Filters tab lets you control the filters that are used to select the items in the table. Each filter is controlled by a checkbox. If checked the filter is applicable and you may set the filter parameter. All selected filters will be applied and the resulting items will be displayed on the table.


The Contents tab lets you select which information is displayed in the table and in the tooltip.

Leech Values

The leech table relies on a leech value computed by the following formula:

LeechValue = IncorrectCount / (currentStreak^1.5)

This formula captures how much trouble an item is giving you. The higher the value the more troublesome the item is. If you have many reviews incorrect the numerator will increase. The more often you are incorrect the higher the leech value will get. On the other hand if you are on a roll and have a streak of successful reviews the denominator will increase. The longer the streak the lower the leech value will be. If you fail a review your streak will stop and the leech value will revert to a high number.

The best parameter for the leech filter is 1. All items with a leech value greater or equal to 1 will be displayed. This will include all items that have failed a review for the first time because these items always have a leech value of 1. If you feel you should exclude these items use 1.01 for the filter parameter. Values lower than 1 will return items that are not troublesome and should not be used. Values higher than one will be more selective about how troublesome an item is.

The leech value formula has an unfortunate feature. If you fail too many reviews you can’t get a long enough streak to bring the leech value back under the filter threshold before the item is burned. The solution is to supplement the leech filter with the SRS Level filter. Items that reaches Enlightened are dropped off the table under the assumption that if you can drive an item this far it is not troublesome enough to be a leech. This filter is configured by default.

Effect on SRS

Some of you may worry of the effect of extra studying on the learning value of SRS. If you see the meaning and reading of an item too close of the review time it may influence the result of the review in a way that doesn’t reflect how you are learning the item. The solution is to configure the Time Until Review filter. It will exclude from the table items that are close to the review time. By default this filter is not configured.

Release History

Version 1.2.0 - New features. See here
Version 1.1.1 - Minor bugfix.
Version 1.1 - Bug fixes and improvements. See here.
Version 1.0 - Original release


Big thanks to Dani2 and @rfindley whose code has helped jumpstart this project.

A special note to @seanblue: The Self-Study Quiz is no longer the sole user of the Open Framework Additional Filters script.


Only here because I saw the term “Inspector”
I kid of course. I am going to try this out once I get back from work tonight! Thank you for your efforts.

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Version 1.1 of Item Inspector is now released.

The changes:

  • A few bug fixes.

  • The title bar is changed from 'Top Items" to 'Items". No effort is made to select top items so it is simply items now.

  • In the settings the number of tooltip elements is increased from three to four.

  • In the settings new choices for data are added to the dropdown.


  • The hours format is now a setting. The old “Review Date 12h” and “Review Date 24h” options are now replaced by simply “Review Date”.

  • The sort format is improved with a secondary key to sort items with the same primary key when it makes sense to do so. For example items with the same SRS Level are sorted by Review Date within a SRS Level.

Update your script with Tampermonkey “Check for userscript updates” feature.


If you install Item Inspector for the first time please use the procedure at the beginning of the top post.

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I like the idea with the tooltips which I missed in the old leech table script.
However there seem to be some problems:

  • I still get V1.0 out of greasyfork
  • I set the WK level as third tooltip to be displayed and since then I only get radicals with leech level 0:

My settings are (no filters set):

My fault. I hadn’t installed the Open Framework Additional Filters. Now it’s working again - but there still is no V1.1 as announced?

I updated the link in the top post. Now you should get V 1.1.

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Got it. Merci beaucoup!

Version 1.1.1 is now available. This is a minor bugfix.

You may download it here:


If you download Item Inspector for the first time make sure to comply with the requirements mentioned in the top post.

I swapped it out and so far I’m really happy with it. It looks boss.

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Thanks for your kind words. I am glad that you are happy.

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Version 1.2.0 of Item Inspector is released.
This is a new features version.

New data element for tables and tooltips “Lesson Date”:


Now available: sorting options for those who don’t like the default sorting order.


Now available: a random selection feature:


A value of zero disable the random selection and returns all items. A value greater than zero returns a random selection of the stated number of items. Multiple displays of the table will return a different selection each time. This may be used for things like selecting 30 random burned items for a cram review.

You may download version 1.2.0 here:


If you Install Item Inspector for the first time make sure to meet the requirements mentioned at the beginning of the top post.

@adr-p: You are waiting for the sort option. It is here. I think you want to sort by Lesson Date.

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Thank you! Much appreciated!

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