Question about KaniWani

I’ve just started using KaniWani and I was wondering if there is any way to set up a notification for new reviews/lessons?

WaniKani has apps and a Chrome extension that work well for notifications, but I could not find anything like that for KaniWani…

I dont know about that, but there is an ultimate timeline script to help you plan ahead.

Besides that you could get the e-mail reminder to remind you every day? Doesn’t look that useful though

I found something after googling, don’t know how well it works.

Also here is a good on how to install these things

@Alan234, Cesare is asking about KaniWani, not WaniKani. :wink:

@Cesare, I’m not aware of such a system for KaniWani, but maybe someone else can chime in with some advice.


Well fuck me sideways ;_;

This is what happends when I try to be helpful and not shitpost…

I’ll leave my comment up out of protest though


Thank you for taking the time anyway. I’ve already installed the extra things you mentioned and they work great!


:sob: Thank you for your kind comment

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