Ah! Everything looks different!

I’m getting used to the new logo. …but… for some reason, I really need to concentrate to see the claws instead of it being a body-building-gator flexin’.

…curse my stupid eyes.


Before I saw a colored version I thought he just had tiny wiggly arms


Yeah, I definitely do see the real numbers as an improvement. When I first learned about the scripts, it was a bit daunting for me since I have zero experience with that kind of thing. The point I was trying to get across, though, was that this little, nice change wasn’t good enough for me to outweigh all the other annoying ones.

Glad they went back to the old colours, though.

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I like your far left one quite a bit, actually. The added shell is nice and the claw-placement flows quite well. I think it does need something or other to show a stomach, but I also get why you got rid of it in that version, since the current one is rather triangular and carrot-like.

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Thanks! I revisited it, with stomach lines and stuff, probably too detailed now when zoomed out!


Hi, overlap is expected : i scrolled the dashboard down a bit.
My only concern was the “Lesson hover details” tooltip window does not show anymore.

That’s a nice adaptation.

The highlights help to make the eyes look not-dead.


Make sure to update the script. I fixed it last night.


which dark mode are you using? link?

You are a savior. I missed this so much!

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I use an extention called “Dark Reader”, it’s available for both Firefox and Chrome, and allows you to not only turn every website to dark mode, but change things like how dark each page is, sepia tones, colour saturation and sepia; perfect for if you think WaniKani is too bright :wink:

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I think every website is too bright.

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.global-header {
background: #232629;
border-bottom: 1px solid #0f1113;
Pop this at the bottom of the script for now!

Y-you’re too bright!
@Glias ed


It was part of the personality

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Nice! If WaniKani really wants a new logo along this vein, this should be it. Colouring it might help it look better when zoomed out.

Unfortunately, it fails in a very big way–no one will know what it is until someone else explains it to them. Otherwise, it just looks like a meaningless word and a drawing of an alligator.


Thanks. I rechecked, and can confirm “lesson hover details” is functioning, but it is not compatible with the"WK old header" script.

Literally the only thing different for me is the header — weird.