Wanikani + Anki, wanting to drop Anki, but not before I catch up in Wanikani. Any tips?

If you install Wanikani Open Framework or perhaps you have it already, then a script could be written that takes in the vocab items you’ve already learned (maybe through an anki export?) and compares them to the items in wanikani. Though, if you’re using the same core 2k/6k deck I am (and most others are) using, then you probably have a ton of words learned, that are unique to that deck and you won’t ever get them on WK (partly because they are kana-only, partly because they are scraped from newspapers mostly and they aren’t the most accurate outside that).

Whether you should abandon the anki deck over wanikani in my opinion depends a lot on your pace on there. If you’ve been doing 20 lessons a day for the past 2-ish months, then I would say, just stick with it, maybe at a lower pace at first. In less than a year, you’ll be learning a ton of vocab, and over time as you figure out your wanikani pace, it might even be very doable to keep both up, only depends on you.

However if you do more like 5 items a day, then it would take you less time to stick with wanikani, and although you will be missing out on a lot of kana only items, most of it should’ve already been covered by the first 650. Remember, wanikani has >7000 vocab items currently, and you can be expected to finish in about 1.5 to 2 years, if you keep a decent pace, while with 5 items a day, it will take you about 4 to get through the anki deck.

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