[Userscript] Wanikani Show Item Level

I wanted a feature that, while in a review session, would show me if the current item level is the same or lower than my WaniKani user level. I couldn’t find a script that did this, so I ended up creating one myself. Hopefully it will be useful to some of you as well!


Wanikani Open Framework


Sounds like a bad idea. This will result in you “remembering” things that you don’t actually know.


It sounds like a great script, but I have to agree with seanblue. This script would make you only think about meanings in that specific level rather than being in a situation where you just have to read it. I mean, the script would be better if it did this in the information that appears after you answer the question. The level a vocabulary word and/or Kanji can be will most likely be a hint to the meaning. Other than that, this sounds like a great script! Good job, but try to make a second version that shows it in the info box/bar. And also, good luck with your WaniKani journey! :+1:

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Since reviews tend to be grouped by level anyway, I already felt like I had some unintended ‘help’ from vanilla Wanikani.

I don’t know if seeing the level will be any more of a hint than the inherent level grouping, but I’d be interested to hear about your experience with the script.


Depends on how you did lessons I suppose.

This is exactly what I needed and was just looking for, many thanks!