Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

I was lvl 12 before my reset so lvl 8 feels familiar, it’s not that hard yet, it will become harder when I get to 13, but that’s also the level where the amount of radicals (which i’m having most trouble with due to their sometimes cryptic meaning) is reduced by half compared to previous levels.

@MissDagger have you ever used a userscript before? If not you’ll need a browser extension like Tampermonkey if you’re on chrome/firefox, they’re gonna ask a lot of permissions regarding your content but that doesn’t really matter since they are not really collecting data on a server, it’s just done locally on your computer. Then you can download both the Wanikani Open Framework then the Leaderboard script (in this order respectively, if you did the installation of Tampermonkey correctly it should directly open a new tab with an install button if you click on the script-install links).
Also you don’t have to stay all the time on topic, it’s fine to derail, we’re here to have fun while progressing on WK, so why forbid you from derailing it a bit :eyes: especially when your answers are very interesting to read.