[Userscript] Wanikani Show Level-up Time

Made this for myself so why not share, I guess.

Nothing crazy, just calculates the earliest possible time you can level-up if you do everything on time and don’t miss any. I find myself often estimating this in my head, so why not just show it on the front page?

Looks like this:

Link to script (at greasyfork .org)

Requires Wanikani Open Framework. Huge thanks to @rfindley for making all this possible for relative newbies.


Updated/extended to show a detail table when you click on the summary text.

Looks like: (after clicking)

(bottom of the detail table)

Colors indicate already guru (purple), in progress (pink), and not started (grey). Thick line is when you level up. The table goes away again when you click it.

Now I can watch the dates changing, but also the colors marching down the list as I make progress. Fun!

Ideally I would have some kind of legend or explanation. I’m learning this as I go, and I’m not quite there yet.

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Now I’m thinking something more like this, with the kanji’s individual next review and estimated guru time in a little popup when the mouse hovers over it.

…as I learn css so I can make it do that. It doesn’t do it yet.

(Or maybe I should just re-order, re-color, and add the popup to the kanji table that is already there in the next section instead of adding my own table. Seems way above my skill level – for now.)

Ok, little less ugly, a little more simple. Individual item dates show in a tool tip when moused over.

Hijacking WaniKani’s existing kanji status chart instead of making my own is going to have to wait for another day.