[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline

If you’re having trouble with the new version, you can always downgrade:

There’s no guarantee that it will work forever though.

That was a bug with the old API since it should always hide these removed items (to match the old behavior). In the new API, it still includes these items but marks then as removed. So @rfindley has to check for that in the timeline or open framework.

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It’s the “Next SRS Level”.
Today, I am adding an option to choose “Current SRS Level” or “Next SRS Level”.

Plus, I’m fixing the problem with deleted WK items, adding a “Don’t Show Vocab” option, and a “Max Bar Width” option.


Appreciate the quick reply :slight_smile:

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Hello, I just installed the script but nothing happened. Could you help me? Here are some screens

I’m using firefox 60.0 btw. My user agent is 52.0 however but I don’t think it matters :thinking:

Edit : the problem seems to come from the open framework now that I think about it

If you haven’t already, check the instructions on [this thread].
The key is making sure the Open Framework runs first.

It does look you’ve got it running first, though it’s not set to the #1 position. So I’m not sure that’s the problem.

Try checking your Javascript console for errors (press F12 and click the Console tab).

How did I not think of checking the console :sweat_smile:
Here is the problem :
Failed to load element from « https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js ».
Failed to load element from « https://js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-1071.min.js ».

Edit : sorry it’s in french I’m translating

Those two errors are normal if you have an ad blocker.
So, it doesn’t seem like you have any console errors.

I see you’re using TamperMonkey, so that’s good.
What browser are you using?

(edit: By the way, Ultimate Timeline isn’t supposed to appear in the menu. It only appears on the Desktop)

Answered in my first post :wink: firefox 60.0 with 52.0 user agent (in case it matters even if I don’t believe so)

I just updated my Firefox to 60.0, and am using TamperMonkey. It’s working fine here :thinking:

Ultimate Timeline won’t appear on the Dashboard until the web page is fully loaded. Right now where I am located, Wanikani seems to be loading very slowly. Try confirming whether the page really seems to be finished load (maybe by looking at the icon on the browser tab?)

Also, on the Javascript console, you could try typing ‘wkof’ and pressing enter to see if it say ‘undefined’ or if it shows an Object {…}.

Finally, though I doubt it will make a difference, could you try moving Open Framework to run in the #1 spot?

:point_right: [v7.0.1] - Added additional display settings

  • Placement on Dashboard
  • Max Bar Width
  • Current / Next SRS Level
  • Current Level Marker style (rad+kan, rad+kan_voc)

Other changes:

  • Improved the time label in Review Details when only one hour is selected.
  • Lingering ‘deleted items’ were fixed in an update to the Open Framework, so be sure to update that too if you’re seeing things like 文句する in your timeline.
  • Minor cosmetic change to the Bar Style drop-down.

(@sornvru @Fendon @TellowKrinkle @RysingDragon @rawo @souvenir @felix330 @maxb

I haven’t had a chance to look at your moving window issue yet. Please message me if I forget.


Obviously the page is fully loaded and I already tried puting it in first position. wkof do return an object but I have no idea what it means

I only mentioned the fully-loaded part because I’ve actually had a few times recently where it fooled me. Like I said, WK is loading really slow for me lately, and I’ve had a case where one little icon wasn’t loading, but the rest of the page was loaded, so I thought it was done, but the Timeline wasn’t showing up. Then, finally, when that one icon loaded, the Timeline suddenly popped up.

Anyway, I think I’m out of suggestions, except to turn off all other scripts temporarily to see if maybe something is interfering. :man_shrugging:

Oh now that I think of it, you wouldn’t happen to use webGL for your timeline?

Not webgl, but I am using svg.

Just checked and firefox native is support is activated so yeah, I still have no idea. I will have to do without it

Loving the update :slight_smile: Thanks for your hard work :slight_smile:

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I’m having this issue as as well. Firefox+Tampermonkey

Edit: Don’t know why I wrote greasemonkey :confused:

Thanks for the new options. :smiley:
I just encountered a new problem with the overlay:

As you can see in the lower part of the picture the overlay is correct ABOVE the other items after mouseover. At the top of the picture, the over radicals can be seen through the overlay. So far this only happens, if Radicals are behind the layer, but can’t say for sure, as I have only one bar with enough radicals to fill the first line.

Hmm… I wonder if this is related to your video driver (or at least the browser’s usage of it). The radicals use SVG (vector graphics), which browsers usually try to render with hardware acceleration. Which browser are you using? I might be worth checking how to disable hardware rendering temporarily to see if this goes away.

I’m guessing you’re using Firefox? That’s usually the one that has graphics driver issues.