API version 2 moving out of beta. Sunsetting API version 1

I answered that already. If the app developer doesn’t update the app to use API v2 the app will stop working.

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It will stop working. There’s no if, but or maybe about it, all scripts, tools and apps that need the V1 API will simply stop working as soon as the V1 API is shut down. That includes all of the old Android apps.

The only way to prevent that from happening is for someone to dive into the code and update them to use the V2 API. But in the case of the old Android apps, I fear that’s not going to happen anymore. They’ve been unmaintained for too long.

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@seanblue Well thank you. I didn’t get a notification of a reply to the topic, so I missed that.

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@ejplugge Thank you.

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Where can I report bugs I find (with the api-documentation or the api if you assume the documentation to be the source of truth) are you using some issue tracker?

Anyway, I’ll just drop it here now so I can delete my “report this” todo :sweat_smile: I’ve been bored some time ago and thought I’d write an API wrapper. I’ve not done much work on it yet, but I’ve noticed two things:

  1. level is part of the example response in get a specific assignment but it isn’t actually part of the response, which makes sense since it isn’t mentioned in the structure either. --> bug in the example I guess.
  2. meaning_mnemonic is listed as a vocabulary specific attribute and a common subject attribute. I guess it should be removed from the vocabulary section.

What is the difference between this and the Wanikani Open Framework?

Neither did I. Just like you, I had problems with the same app and I decided to do my reviews in my mobile phone browser rather than using a third party app. To each his own.

Since I’ve never written a script for tampering with the Wanikani web-app I cannot say with certainty how it is different.

But an API Wrapper is in general a convenience for integrating a remote service. In theory you could write a desktop or mobile phone application and just perform the needed http requests to the API by yourself, however it is mich more convenient if you can use an api wrapper that deals with the nasty details and you can just tell it to get for you what you want in the programming language of your application.

The open framework is doing this and more.

Edit: The Open Framework is Javascript for tampermonkey scripts. I don’t think it does phone apps.

I’ve used my phone browser too. There are things that don’t work well in that scenario. The text is too small, the keyboard doesn’t stay fixed in place, and more. It’s not a solution for me. Glad it works for you though :slight_smile:

Good day,
I am currently following my progress with a small script that write in an excell google sheet.
Could you please help me with the needed modification of the below script?
Thanks a lot in advance

var raw_data = UrlFetchApp.fetch(https://www.wanikani.com/api/user/d8fd194bf2f2b9f7275b795f62e4b13e/srs-distribution, options).getContentText()
  var doc = JSON.parse(raw_data);

What is the replacement of the below structure ?


Thanks a lot in advance for your help


Don’t use those quotes in code - only these: "

Second, please, for code in a forum post, fence your code with ``` on its own line before the first line and after the last, like this:

function fetchData() {
var options = {‘Cache-Control’ : ‘max-age=0, must-revalidate’}; //I’ve used this before to try and prevent google from giving me cached data when making API calls…seems to get the job done
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet(); //This script is bound to the corresponding sheet so we can use this conveinience method
var cell = sheet.getRange(sheet.getLastRow(),1); //Get a reference to current last cell in Column A

Thanks you very much. How can I edit my post to change it ? And I must have a problem with my browser as I do not see any answer to my question …

Do you see the pencil icon at the bottom of your post? Click that to fix it.

Please let us know if there are any errors in your console, and if so what they are, when you try it after fixing the quotes in your actual code.

We aren’t obligated by King Philippe of Belgium or even the Crabigator to help or even answer you. Please be respectful of other users’ time.


Hope this is the proper way to post.
Now that we went through the administrative part, can you help me with the technical part :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot in advance

I’d have thought you’d be much more likely to get help with this if you posted a new topic in the API category with a clear title.


Thanks a lot for your advice. Unfortunately I do not know what would be a clear title…this is why I posted it here,where the change was initiated… I am just willing to understand what do I have to change to keep being able to record my daily progress …:frowning:

For the quotes and backticks, just copy them from my post. Do you see the difference between these?


Should be OK now …

Try this for your original thing:
var raw_data = UrlFetchApp.fetch("https://www.wanikani.com/api/user/d8fd194bf2f2b9f7275b795f62e4b13e/srs-distribution",

Thank you, it is much clearer now!

Based on the API docs, this v2 API query may be useful.


Assuming you properly authenticate it with your v2 key, this would return assignments at SRS stage 5 which are kanji.

Do note that the categories Guru, Master, etc. will be removed from WaniKani in the near future.

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