Need to retype correct reading/meaning after undo


It does require [Wanikani Open Framework], which also needs to be the first script in Tampermonkey.

Also, both Override and Lightning Mode should be disabled so they won’t interfere with Double-Check. Double-Check has both of those scripts’ functionality (configurable via settings in Double-Check).

There are two ways to confirm that Double-Check is working before you need to use it:

  1. Check for the settings menu in the upper left corner of the Review screen before answering your first review. Make sure either ‘retyping’ or ‘mark as correct/incorrect’ is enabled. At least one of those should be by default.
  2. After your first answer (either correct or incorrect), press backspace to try retyping, or press + or - to mark correct or incorrect, depending on your settings. Don’t worry… your final answer won’t be submitted until you press enter again, so you can change your answer multiple times to verify that the script is working. (But note: if you have Lightning Mode enabled in Double-Check (though it is disabled by default), it will auto-advance a correct answer before you have a chance to change your answer)
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