Need to retype correct reading/meaning after undo

Hello, I am not sure if this is an issue with WK or with the scripts I am using. Currently I am having the same error on 2 different computers (Linux/Windows) on Chrome.

Please have a look at the error here. If I undo a mistake, I will need to input the correct answer two times.


These are my scripts.

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Did you already experiment with turning the scripts off?

I am not sure what you mean. If I turned it off, I get the standard randomized review. I have tried switching it back on and off but the error is still there. There is no syncing between my Ubuntu and Windows 10 computer for Chrome.

Actually, probably the best bet would be to go straight to the individual script thread and make sure other people haven’t mentioned an issue and to make sure the scripts are still supported by their creator.

There are only three relevant scripts here.

If I turn off WK Open Framework. Both don’t work
If I turn off WK Override. I cannot undo hence cannot replicate the error
If I turn off WK Reorder Ultimate 2, there is no ordering.

Similar thread:

I don’t think anyone is still supporting Override. Double-Check gives you similar functionality and is still supported. You can press backspace or escape to retype an answer.


Hi @rfindley
Thanks, the Double-Check script does not have the same repeat bug as Override.
Is there a way to customize the progress bar?
For Double-Check the bar keeps jumping back and forth.
However if you use Override, the bar only progresses after both answer and meaning are filled.

Thanks for the insight about the progress bar. After looking at it, I noticed a few other behaviors that don’t match Wanikani’s normal behavior.

I’ve posted an update.

:point_right: [ v2.2.36 ] - Fixed review statistics to match Wanikani’s behavior.


I installed your script, but it does not appear to work. I use Tampermonkey. Do I need to modify something? As you can see from the screen shot, WK is greyed-out;


It does require [Wanikani Open Framework], which also needs to be the first script in Tampermonkey.

Also, both Override and Lightning Mode should be disabled so they won’t interfere with Double-Check. Double-Check has both of those scripts’ functionality (configurable via settings in Double-Check).

There are two ways to confirm that Double-Check is working before you need to use it:

  1. Check for the settings menu in the upper left corner of the Review screen before answering your first review. Make sure either ‘retyping’ or ‘mark as correct/incorrect’ is enabled. At least one of those should be by default.
  2. After your first answer (either correct or incorrect), press backspace to try retyping, or press + or - to mark correct or incorrect, depending on your settings. Don’t worry… your final answer won’t be submitted until you press enter again, so you can change your answer multiple times to verify that the script is working. (But note: if you have Lightning Mode enabled in Double-Check (though it is disabled by default), it will auto-advance a correct answer before you have a chance to change your answer)
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OK, installed WK Open Framework and works now. Thanks for your help!

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