[Workaround/Fix] Broken - Item Info/Kana Chart/Wrap Up

I am sure you have all noticed the regression bug we are just experiencing. But how can I safely do me reviews in such dangerous times?

Easy! - Turn off Script Compatibility Mode

But I need my precious scripts to do my reviews. Yeah me too! But tbh. to do your reviews right now you really only need one thing! And that is fixing you accidental typos or writing synonyms that wanikani doesn’t know. And guess what you can still do that! And a bit more

As for userscipts: the following still work for me and are probably all you need
Open Framework, Jitai, Pitch Accent, Double-Check

Ultimate reorder had to be disabled but that’s fine

Double-Check allows you to correct your answers and other good stuff like lightning mode!

So go easy and do your reviews fellow durtles :wink:


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