Scripts for Wanikani not working

Hi there,
my scripts stopped working a few days ago. I guess it has something to do with the API key but i don’t really know stuff.
When they first stopped i tried looking things up and found out that it could have to do with the API key and recklessly changed the keys on wanikani (v1 and v2). Of course nothing changed. Then I just reset my scripts to factory adjustment and everything worked again. Next day (after closing and reopening firefox) they stopped working again :frowning:
Unfortunately I don’t know how to check the API things or insert it manually or whatnot.

So here’s what i do know:
I’m using Firefox with Tampermonkey.
The Kanji Highlighter script works fine.
I do have WK Open Framework.
When only using the Open Framework script on wanikani the following message shows up in the browser-console:

Unchecked lastError value: Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist. background.js:4

If you need anything else please tell me.

What do I need to do? Please help me senpais :pleading_face:

I started my reviews anyway and Wanikani Double-Check is working (aswell as Wanikani Niai Similar Kanji and others) as opposed to last time where nothing worked.
The scripts on the dashboard still don’t work (for example WaniKani Real Numbers, Wanikani: Progress Percentages, WaniKani Dashboard Leech Tables - Notice your leeches)

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Just to confirm, does this statement mean you’ve disabled every script except for the exact script “Wanikani Open Framework”? Only asking because your second message lists various scripts (Real Numbers, etc.) that aren’t working, so I’m assuming you still have those enabled. Also, with only “Wanikani Open Framework” enabled in Firefox, I do not receive the error.

If you do have the other scripts enabled, you need to disable all of them (including any scripts that don’t use WKOF), and then enable each of them one by one to identify which one throws the error (ensure WKOF is enabled before enabling any scripts that rely on WKOF). Then, if you identify the problem script, you’ll be able to contact that developer directly.

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Yep :point_up: Exactly what I was going to say. ^^

Thank you for your answer(s)!

Yes indeed. I disabled every script except for WKOF and receive this message. Just now i tried it again and two messages showed up. The first being:

Content Security Policy: Die Einstellungen der Seite haben das Laden einer Ressource auf eval blockiert (“script-src”).
TL: Content Security Policy: The settings of the page have blocked the loading of a resource on eval (“script-src”) [whatever eval is]

The second one again:

Unchecked lastError value: Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.

Here’s a screenshot of the console:

Also here’s my Script-list while trying to load WKOF on the dashboard (I have proof! :D):

Those errors aren’t related to Open Framework.
Also, Open Framework should be #1 in your script list.
See the instructions at the link below.

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Thanks for pointing that out! Looks like I missed that.

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I put WKOF to top priority and it looks to be working for now. I hope that was the solution and will update if it stops running again. On a sidenote I deinstalled Keisei semantic compositions script since I’m not really using it.
The console now (with everyting activated) still gives me the Unchecked lastError message, not the Content Security Policy message though. Maybe it’s completely unrelated though.
Thanks again so far!

Edit: Can’t check the Real Numbers script right now…