[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Cap

I’m getting close!

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I just wanted to share my “method” here, as it seems to work well for me. It utilizes this script and the reorder script.

  1. Upon leveling up, I do all radicals immediately, disregarding my current spice level.
  2. Over the course of the next days, I do current level kanji and all vocab in batches of three* (prioritizing last level vocab over current level.)

* (I do three kanji from this level, three vocab, then three kanji, and so on. This ensures all “level up kanji” are in circulation before I unlock the kanji i get from guruing the “radical-dependent” kanji. At step 2 I adhere to a spice level of 100 (default in this script). As I just “overloaded” my spice from all the radicals, it can take a day or so before it returns back to under 100, so during this time no lessons.)

  1. Once I unlock the “radical kanji”, I do these immediately, disregarding my current spice level.
  2. After this, I adhere to the spiciness cap again, doing remaining vocab. (As I just overloaded my spice level again, it can take up to a day before I start doing more lessons).
  3. On level up, return to step 1.

This ensures my reviews are spread out very evenly. I rarely get days with more than 135 reviews, and I very rarely get days with less than 80 reviews. My level up times are not long (around 8-9~ days), but this will of course vary with my accuracy.

Overall, I think the way WK does this by default, giving you periods of no reviews/lessons, and periods of very plentiful lessons/reviews, is not the most efficient way to learn. Better to spread it out a bit.

How do you use this script? Does it work well for you?

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I’m using this script and [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter and things have been better ever since :slight_smile:

I also try to stay under 100 but every once in a while if I feel like it, I will extend it to 150 and then wait until it goes back down below 100. I do the radicals first after levelling up to get them out of the way and then I use the lesson filter script to always do e.g. 1 kanji and 4 vocabulary items in a batch and do maybe 3 of these batches per day. This way I don’t get hit with a large pile of vocabulary all at once. They are added gradually and I’m slowly chipping away at them while also learning new kanji at the same time. Things have been more relaxed and evenly distributed since I started doing it this way.

I still haven’t found the perfect settings but for the current level I will try a lesson batch sitze of 7 with 2 kanji and 5 vocab and then do 1-3 of these batches per day and see how it goes.

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It is perhaps a bit early to move to the open framework? Some people might have trouble installing it.

On the bright side the updated script seems to be functioning just as well. I am a little bit curious as to why it’s set to run on the dashboard?

Well, tampermonkey updated the skript for me and since then it’s not working anymore :man_shrugging: might reinstalling help?

EDIT: Reinstalling didn’t change anything. Wanikani Lesson Cap isn’t working for me anymore :frowning:

Edit 2: It actually is doing something. While doing a lesson it hid the option to continiou with the next lesson. But no bar at the top so I could see how many lessons I can still add or at which count I am right now. mhm

It looks like the script now uses the Open Framework, so you’ll need to install that:

I don’t know if you saw this, but it can help users transition to the framework:

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Oh, I think you’ll need to update the installation instructions on your Github, @rfindley . :slight_smile:

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Heh… yeah, I’ve made the changes to the instructions, but haven’t pushed them to github yet. There’s still a lot that needs to be finished in the documentation >_>

I especially need to document the Settings module, but it’s still changing, so…

Good luck with that then. I know how tedious documentation can get.

Mhm, The bar on the top is now back. Thank you @rfindley for the link.
But it still dosen’t look, like it used to. First, what is “NaN available”? And shouldn’t there actually be lessons aviable? since It counts only 79 points at the moment. I should atleast be able to do one more lesson till 100

The author does not seem to have added a default spicyness setting. Click the little cog next to the score, and set it to what you like.

Well, it’s already set to 100 Just as in the last version of this skript. So it is 79/100 right now. I can only imagine, the autor might had changed the value of the levels or something like that. Hm

Pretty sure he just reset the number set. So it works for you now?

Yeah, now it looks fine. :+1:
back to learning new stuff XD

I’ll integrate something like this tomorrow, to prevent errors like this in the future.

Also need to update the configuration settings.
Which requires me to leave vacation mode again sigh


I don’t guess you could create a test account? I have a free level 3 WK account that I test stuff on. But I guess for Lesson Cap that won’t be helpful until you’ve built up some lessons.

Alright, added a guard to check for WKOF and loading default config if none is present.

Should work as intended again.

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Hi Valeth.
I’m wondering if there’s an issue running the script from in Chrome for macOS?

The bar is not showing in the lessons page and this message is writen on the Chrome Console:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘srs_stage’ of undefined
at eval (userscript.html?id=3f92882b-b320-4de1-8a3e-8de0126b4855:268)
at Array.forEach ()
at calculate_score (userscript.html?id=3f92882b-b320-4de1-8a3e-8de0126b4855:266)
at eval (userscript.html?id=3f92882b-b320-4de1-8a3e-8de0126b4855:253)

I’m using macOS High Sierra 10.13.3


Same problem in Safari running on the same mac

Can confirm, running macOS elCapitan that Firefox is exhibiting the same exact symptoms.

Script is unusable in it’s current state : /, disables to review start button without showing the typical review score bar at the top.