[Userscript] Forecast details / critical reviews

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

This script augments the forecast timeline. In particular, the following information is added:

  • Review hours with current-level, apprentice radicals and kanji (i.e., critical reviews) are highlighted in green and marked with an upward facing triangle;
  • Review hours with burn reviews are highlighted in orange and marked with a flame;
  • All review bars are colour-coded by item type or SRS stage;
  • Review bars have a tooltip that displays a breakdown of items available in that level by type and by SRS stage, with added detail about critical and burn review types;
  • The review button and shortcut also display all of this information for currently available reviews.
  • Other than the tooltips, all added markup is user-configurable. The settings interface is accessible through the user menu.

Wanikani Forecast Details

The script relies on @rfindley’s open framework.


I haven’t tested extensively, please do report any and all bugs and minor feature requests.

1.1: Now also highlights burn reviews!
1.2: Now displays the type and number of critical and burn reviews on mouseover!
1.3: Added upcoming item type colours and a tooltip to all bars!
1.4: Added crit/burn colour and item type info to review buttons; improved the colour scheme.
1.4.1: Bugfix
1.4.2: Style update: Critical reviews are now green (+arrow-up icon), burn reviews are orange (+flame icon). Rewrote the top of this post for clarity.
1.4.3: Added SRS stage information to tooltips. Fixed the script name in the prompt to install the Open Framework.
1.4.4~6: Bugfixes
1.5: Added detailed settings, accessible through the user menu.
1.5.1: Moved settings link to the Script>Settings>Forecast Details submenu
1.5.2~5: Bugfixes


Sounds really neat! If only I was still leveling up






Awesome! One gripe I had about rfindley’s script was that it would say you have current level items to complete with the white arrow but wouldn’t say whether they were radicals/kanji/vocab. So you could be doing current level vocab but that’s not critical to leveling up. You only including radicals/kanji really helps to show actual critical reviews. You can see in the second image below the 9pm review shows up as critical but it’s all just vocab, whereas in yours it remains uncritical. c:


Hey OP, any plans on incorporating burns into this?


I think there may have been a setting for that, but maybe that’s one thing that didn’t get copied over when I rewrote the timeline for APIv2.

Anyway, from the screenshots above, @kernfel’s script looks nice!


:weary: :fist_left: Silly me.


Thank you for the comments. @Kumirei, sure, no reason burns couldn’t be in there as well. Any colour preferences? I chose the orange rather randomly, to be frank.

You could just make it black, unless people use a dark theme then use red or blue… maybe even purple!

I think the default WK burn color would make the most sense. I’ll just (most likely) set it to the Breeze Dark burn color locally.

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Updated to highlight burns! Local editing should be simple, it’s not a big script. Enjoy!


I was just thinking how nice it would be to have this the other day!! :slight_smile:
Thanks for coming up with this!!

Edit: I think what would be nice is if there would be the color of the items to be reviewed when you hover a process bar, or something like this.
Just a suggestion! Love it anyways! :sparkles:

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Thank you for the feedback! :blush:
I’m not quite sure what you mean by color of the items - do you mean like, hover over the preview bar to see how many radicals/kanji/vocab there are in that review block?

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yap, or as in: the little bar becomes partly blue, partly, pink, partly purple (like a mini percentage bar). I don’t know if it is even necessary though. :slight_smile:

Done! Well… at least, the laziest option: The number of level-critical and burn radical, kanji, and (burn) vocab items are added to the title attribute of the bars, so they should pop up on mouseover (sorry, mobile users!). Let me know if there are any issues with that.
Thank you for the suggestion!

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Works perfectly! :slight_smile:
Would be nice to have it also for the non-critical reviews hehe.

Here a small visualization for what I meant:
I did this very easily with the existing stylesheets. :slight_smile:

<td class="p-0 border-0 border-l border-solid border-gray-200 leading-normal">
<span class="review-forecast__bar block w-0" style="width: 15%;display: inline-block;background: #00a1f1;"></span>
<span class="review-forecast__bar block w-0" style="width: 20%;display: inline-block;background: #f100a1;"></span>
<span class="review-forecast__bar block w-0 rounded-r-lg" style="width: 35%;display: inline-block;background: #882d9e;"></span>

So, this took a little more effort than I’d anticipated, and the result isn’t really just about critical reviews any more, so I’ve released it as a separate script. Have a look at [redacted] and let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

Edit: On second thought, it’s not that different. Apologies to the one person who already clicked the link and installed the script. Re-releasing it as an update to the existing script makes more sense.


Updated to version 1.3 and renamed to forecast details. Thank you for the suggestions, @postliminal!

Edit: 1.4, because critical reviews dropping off at the “now” end of the forecast while I was developing got me thinking… :thinking: – so now there’s also indication for crit/burn reviews that are available right now!


Awesome update! At first I was wondering whether it was wanikani itself or a script I installed. Am waiting in anticipation for what the available critical reviews will look like. c:

1: That’s neat! Why does it say I have 1 radical though? The total adds up to 13 when I only have 12 items to do.