[Userscript] WaniKani Review Timer (Eggtimer Overhaul)

One of my favorite scripts on WK is the Egg Timer by @horusscope, but it had a lot of problems that I just started fixing over time. Now it looks so different that I figured I share it with the rest of you all. What the egg timer does is track how much time you’ve spent on your review, which then carries over to the review summary page. This is useful if you want to track how much time you’re spending on WK everyday. So what’s different in this version?


  • Fixed timer accuracy. Timer now corresponds to the actual time instead of CPU refresh rate.
  • Review duration now shows up properly on the summary page.
  • Timer no longer resets when the page is refreshed. Timer will reset after user reaches the review summary page.
  • Timer will also reset 15 minutes after the review window is closed.
  • Added a button that blends in naturally with WK’s own UI.
  • Added a hotkey (‘T’-key) to toggle the visibility of the timer.
  • Added documentation to the script to improve readability.
  • Major UI improvements. The timer is less distracting and blends in with WK’s UI.
  • Users who have Wanikani Open Framework installed will have access to a settings menu
    • To Access: (1) Be on WK Website. (2) Click on Profile Picture (3) Scripts -> Settings -> Review Timer. (Info) These settings allows users to move button position, change to the classic button, change button color (if using classic), and remove the button entirely…


  • Currently only tracks the latest review, a future update will track all reviews beyond that update, and derive statistics based on that data.


Screenshot from 2020-05-20 05-27-47 Screenshot from 2020-05-20 09-18-34
Screenshot from 2020-05-20 09-15-21 Screenshot from 2020-05-20 09-21-51




I think that this is a mistake. There are numerous ways of exiting a session which doesn’t include the summary page. How about listening to current item keychange and setting a time limit?

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Yeah I’ve been thinking about how to do a more foolproof method, but I might have to sit on it for a while. The good news is that if you try to enter a review after some amount of time, you’ll be taken to the review summary page first. And if you try to enter in less than that, well you could kind of consider that the same session. But yeah, that’s on the TODO list.

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Unless you have a script that directs the review button to /review/session instead :eyes:

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LOL. I didn’t even think about that. In that case, I might encode a hard time-span buffer. Such as if you aren’t on the review page for longer than 15 minutes, the timer will reset.

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Great idea, though. Looking forward to the stats 270366488169283585

hi, can you please add a snapshot to the 1st post, please? :framed_picture:

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Sure thing! The timer toggle button is the pin icon to the left. The timer is the faded text in the bottom-center.


You might want to find a more intuitive icon :grin:
Any plans for a setting for where to put the timer? I quite liked having it in the original position

Haha i know right? There wasn’t any other clock or time icons that I could find buried in the UI, but i’ll see if I can find a better one.

Also yep! I’m currently trying to add a wkof settings panel, so that those who have wkof can change the position of the button.

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to me this is a timer (think kitchen timer) :timer_clock:
but it seems you want a chrono? maybe you should even rename the script, as I was expecting it to be a way to set a session timeout.

A session timeout? I wouldn’t mind adding that in a toggle-able functionality. If I understand you correctly, you’d like something that would automatically end your review session after a certain amount of time?

I am just saying that the script title was misleading to me (non-native english speaker).
But I am not requesting a new feature, sorry.

Ah, well it’s still a good idea lol. So I will be crediting you for that idea after I implement it.

Got the settings done :slight_smile:

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