[Userscript] Level SRS Details

Hi everyone!

GreasyFork link Wanikani Level SRS Details

This userscript modifies the level details page with the following…

  • Modifies the background color of each item to match it’s current SRS stage
  • Adds a sub-stage indicator on apprentice/guru items
  • Sorts items per item type (radical, kanji, vocab) by SRS stage.
  • Alters the legend on top to match the color scheme of the SRS stages.

NOTE: This userscript requires you to install the Wanikani open framework. You can find information on how to install that here.

This is particularly useful in conjunction with my other userscript here that provides the high-level SRS progress per stage, as this would allow you drill into individual levels and see what item is at stage. I find myself using this often to see what the low-stage items are on past levels as this is usually a good indicator of a leech that’s holding back burning those levels.

For reference, here is the original version.

Revision History

1.0.0 - Initial release. Added sorted item by SRS stage
0.1.0 - Beta Release


Super! That’s really great, Razorcat. I like the new sortedness. Thank you very much.

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This is fantastic! Thanks again for putting this together.

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This is super useful, thank you! :smiley: Sorry for dragging this back up, is there a way to also mark things on item pages? (Eg, on a kanji’s page, show the level progress of ‘Found in vocabulary’)

As in the page when you click on one the items? I hadn’t considered it but it definitely wouldn’t be that hard to add and I could see the value there. If I get some free time I’ll tinker around with it. Thanks!

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