[UserScript] Leech List Burn-Only Upgrade

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

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This script is an edit from @ukebox’s script, but I wanted to share it with the WaniKani community. If @ukebox is not okay with this edit, I will remove it as per their instructions. If @ukebox wants to use the material in this script their are free to take it over and upgrade their script. Since @ukebox is not online very often, I decided to create this edit of my own until they are online to see it for themselves. :slight_smile: If I crossed a line here, my apologies to @ukebox.

The original Leech List script

Reasoning Explanation Details

I calculated at what point you will never be able to remove a leech with the formula created by @hitechbunny

Since the amount of incorrect times you answered is divided by streak^1.5, there is a maximum streak number that can be made from any given position. This results in that at some point, when you go past a certain amount of mistakes, that item will be a leech forever, until you burn it. Below is a table for every point at which you squash a leech.

Position at which leech will only be removed by burning
Position of Leech when Understood Point of No Return for Leech Status
Apprentice 1 19 mistakes
Apprentice 2 15 mistakes
Apprentice 3 12 mistakes
Apprentice 4 8 mistakes
Guru 1 6 mistakes
Guru 2 3 mistakes
Master 1 mistake
Enlightened 1 mistake

This also means that to remove a leech that you got wrong the amount given on the right side, you need to get it right more times than the streak you have left at the SRS points on the left.

Since I am of the opinion that this data is also important to the leech list, I thought I might add it myself. Here is a screenshot of the result.

The first addition is more detailed information of the current amount of incorrect answers and the current correctness streak, separated by the slash.
According to the table above, I added an indication of if an item can not be removed with the current streak before a burn is achieved. These are called Burn-Only Leeches.
At the bottom, all burn-only leeches are added and a total is given.

This script adds some Leech List functionalities.
Since the leech determination algorithm has some asterisks attached to it, I thought it necessary for additional data to be added.

  • Amount of errors and current correct streak (separated by a slash)
  • Indication if a leech can not be removed by any other method than burning (不可能)
  • Showing the SRS stage of the leech in question
  • Amount of leeches also visible on the dashboard itself
  • A counter at the bottom which indicates how many leeches can be removed by burn only
  • New sorting system that focuses on error streak, rather than highest leechscore
  • Automatically downloading a .txt file with all leeches in Japanese if activated

New Layout:

Burn-Only Counter:

Neat txt-file generation as requested by @Oshin:

It uses Wanikani Open Framework , so please install that.

Download Link


I’ve been looking for this kind of script. Request: Can I export my leeches list (only the vocabs in kanji, without any other data from WK) to TEXT? Tatoeba:


Instead of HTML on WK dashboard/another page.

I want to export them to my Kitsun Leeches Deck (private deck, no intention to share it) so that I can always train myself about these burnt leeches. I will still have to add leeches manually one by one from “Dictionaries > Add” on Kitsun though. cc @neicul


nice to see this script works well with Dani2 's top leeches script.


I’ll have a look at giving that a go, though I must warn you that this is an edited existing script. Also, I’ll be on holiday until next Sunday.
I’d love to give it a try however.
By text, do you mean a simple text file? Or do you want something that can be pasted into excel or something?

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Yes, a simple text file. Not something that can be pasted into excel.


Sorry to kinda hijack your thread :bowing_man: Kitsun (and other SRS applications) can easily import csv/tsv formats (which are pastable into excel as well), so that might be preferable :slight_smile:


I’ll have a look at both, more functionality is always better :relaxed:

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I don’t see how I can import csv to dictionaries though I know you must’ve meant importing the csv to the deck directly but then the data needed from WK is not only the vocabulary, but also its meaning from WK, reading from WK, etc, not as beautiful as I expected if I add the card to my leech deck from Dictionaries.

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I finally did it! In the end the solution was very simple, I’m just a bit of a silly man and also I was kind of busy. Sorry for that.

You can create a .txt file now! Yay! It’s a bit jenky, but it’s possible.

Simply set the setting of Create Txt File to ‘true’. Whenever you open the secondary leech list page (The old Critical Items page), the txt file is automatically downloaded!

Also not sure if the radicals work, I have no radicals in my leechlist, so if anyone has any radicals that are actually images, please test this for me thanks.
I will also try to get csv in there as well. If I’m correct, it’s just a matter of syntax.
Also @neicul, what do you need to have in the csv? I assume just the Japanese won’t suffice?

Also I added a little counter for the leeches at the top for the wanikani home page, because I need to know about those Leeches 24/7 :sunglasses:



Neat, didn’t know the browser would let you create files


I’ve just tested it! Excellent! It just works as I expect it! T(h)anks!

Now, I’ll just have to go to Kitsun Dictionaries. To create auto generated card(s). Oh wait. I think I’ve talked about it in the past in Kitsun thread, but I’ll say it again, because it’s related to my current need. It’d be nice if Kitsun can see duplicated cards, like one of Google Contacts’s features. So that I won’t necessarily look up one by one any existing cards and won’t add the existing cards to my Leech deck on Kitsun. @neicul


I found a very obscure piece of code on the webs.

Where a is just some variable, textstuff is the text string inside your text file, and temp is your text file title.

I wanted to put the date in there automatically, but ran into some for fuckery. It didn’t really know what gettime() was and stuff.

Also added a functionality that adds the SRS stage of the item in the large menu.

Because of this, I have also found a bug where the script never actually filtered out burned items. Guess the original author didn’t expect me to be so bad at Japanese. Fixed that! I actually have 2 less leeches now :sweat:

(Next up, choosing your sorting style!)

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Ah, I didn’t quite think about that. Yeah it would need additional data unless the user fills in the data manually afterwards. But I’m not sure about the stance of WK on exporting small subsets of their data so perhaps it might be better to leave it at this for now.

I might eventually make something that will just gather data the required data (from jisho or similar) from a list of just kanji/vocabulary, as I can see how this might be useful :slight_smile:


Neat! I’ll focus on the sorting system for now then :slight_smile:

I just used this feature again. But the "Leeches as of Now.txt" file doesn't have Enter. So all contents are just 1 line.


cc @neicul I wasn’t able to test Automatic Import on Kitsun with this data. No screenshot. I think it’ll be awesome if user can import all this (inside details), not importing let’s say two text fields into JP->EN, instead, what I mean is JP vocab → Search by JP Word this current line → Return results to what set to be chosen deck. If this feature is available, I don’t mind to do it twice, the second one is for Kanji only. So later, pep95 could provide a user group by vocab only and kanji only text file.


Oh that’s strange, I’ll have a look this evening. For me they at least used to have enters, but maybe something changed?

Maybe because you use windows and I use mac? I didn’t open it using vim on terminal. I used double click and opened textedit app

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I do use Windows. Maybe that is something.

Kitsun won’t be able to import any data without additional info right now. You’d either need to gather the additional data (e.g. readings/meanings) from wk, manually add it yourself or create cards by copy pasting the items in the dictionary page.

I haven’t come around to doing this just yet.

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I’ve wanted to create a special leech list too (thank you @Pep95 for the great but scary script!). I don’t know if this helpful but I copied the txt file into Kitsun import (word list, manual) to create an ‘imported deck’. From this deck, I open the card, use the kitsun search extension to dictionary (add to a new seperate deck) and then delete the card one by one from the import deck. It’s less clicking and the plus side is being able to micro-manage each card (and probably good practice to read them anyways). I can understand @neicul 's concerns, if too convenient is could be abused but I think this still keeps the two systems complimentary. If there is a cleaner way, I’m all ears.