Add ons?! dying?!

Are you using Greasemonkey on Firefox? Because that doesn’t work anymore. If so, you should switch to Tampermonkey.

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I’m on a Windows machine with Firefox and Tampermonkey. I can indeed report that my ultimate timeline and reorder scripts, and the five or so other ones, all still seem to be working fine.

i’m on chrome with tampermonkey

And which scripts?

No problems for me - using both FF and Chrome, both with TamperMonkey and a sizable list of scripts.

Maybe you have a problem with the WK Open Framework? Maybe the scripts that don’t work depend on it now.

Have you checked that you’re using the latest version of those scripts?

yes, it seems the script is just unstable at the moment

Again, which script?

reorder ultimate 2 and ultimate timeline

Do you have the latest update installed?

Just to confirm, do you have Open Framework installed and running before any other scripts?

yes i have open framework, the add on seems to work 10% of the time

Hmm maybe make a comment in the script’s thread to let OP know, they may be able to help you figure out the issue

When you say they broke, what behavior are your seeing or not seeing? Do the scripts just seem to not be there? Is the Scripts section present in the Wanikani user menu?


Check if there are any errors in the Javascript console (press F12 and click on the Console tab).

Confirm that the Open Framework is installed as the #1 script:


Reorder ultimate is a bit unstable for me lately, sometimes the entire page freezes when I first click to do reviews and have to refresh several times, and sometimes just the grey thing where the add-on is freezes. Turning the script on and off seems to fix it though.

i don’t have that script menu, open framework is installed and running as the first script.
it just gets to 100% loaded and then never appears. although it seems to work 20% of the time.
for ultimate timeline it loads and then just says 0 reveiws.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’m using Firefox for Android.
Apparently my scripts have been disabled by Firefox as they could not be verified by Mozilla and are apparently a security risk.
I was using violentmonkey. I think I’ll try switch browsers, but I thought I’d share what I know with you guys…

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It’s an issue in the latest version of Firefox. They’re working on a fix.

Also, as far as I know, scripts don’t work in any other browser on Android.


So it’s a Firefox issue then? Thanks for clarifying! It felt like it was…

I’ll read the forums to see if any of my other browsers are capable of running scripts.

Firefox on Desktop had a fix pushed out last night. Go to Options, search (top right) for Studies, turn studies on.

Then wait for a bit.

When you see the studies hotfix-reset-xpi-verification-timestamp-1548973 and hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug-1548973, restart Firefox and you should be good to go with Tampermonkey etc again!


An Android fix is still pending though.

It wasn’t a code change or breaking version update.

Because Firefox’s add-on system was getting taken advantage of by malware, they instituted a change a couple of years back which meant add-ons had to be signed with a security certificate at install time, and Firefox checks that certificate often to make sure nothing’s snuck up. Certificates expire after a bit for security reasons. The add-on-pocalypse from yesterday was because the security certificate wasn’t updated before it expired and thus when Firefox went to check the signing of all the add-ons, it disabled them. From a security perspective that makes sense because you don’t want to give malware an opening to install just because the signing infrastructure is down, but from a user standpoint… yeah, not a good look.

The reason I feel like it’s worth making the distinction is while a security certificate lapsing is not uncommon - it even happened to KaniWani within the last couple of months - an uncaught app-breaking code update shipping on a Friday is hair-pullingly irresponsible on the part of the Firefox team. Obviously for an end user broken is broken. For someone to lay the blame on a code update when it wasn’t, especially when people are upset, it’s just dumping fuel into the fire for the kinds of people who take that assumption and run with it to the effect of “how stupid do you have to be to push a code-breaking update on a Friday, graaahhh!”… when that’s not what happened.