WaniKani mnemonics in image-form done by AI

Oh, yeah no problem!

You can’t add the images directly on the WaniKani page. But everytime you post new ones here I will add them to the database (which is on Github but you don’t have to worry about that, I can do all the uploading and stuff).

So, on info pages for which there already is an image in the database it should show it under the reading section. But you have to have another userscript installed for it to work. That one is called WaniKani Open Framework and it can be installed like any other userscript here: Installing Wanikani Open Framework
If they are both active you should be able to see the images (for example on this page: WaniKani / Kanji / 画).

Of course, there aren’t that many images yet but as we all make more it hopefully also gets more useful as time goes on!

Hope that helped! :smile: