Help installing Burn Manager

I have tried to install this

so that I can bulk unburn items if necessary. I’m not sure if I have installed it properly. Where do I go to once it is installed?

It looks like the first post of the burn manager thread has instructions, this might be a stupid question but have you tried looking at the place it describes?

Edit: I installed it, this is what it looks like for me:


Oh, maybe you don’t have the WaniKani Open Framework installed. It looks like v2.0 of the burn manager needs it.

I seem to have the framework installed but I can’t see the scripts tag in my menu

Are you on the latest version of WKOF?

Do you have WKOF both up to date, and the first in the list of scripts? Like this: image

I just installed Burn Manager to see if it works for me, and it seems to. Windows 10, Chrome browser.

Many thanks for your replies. It is working for me now. I think it was not showing up initially because maybe I needed to refresh my browser!

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